Victoria Road School 1950’s

Following on from the popularity of the 1946 class group photograph from Middle Road School, we now have wonderful images from Victoria Road School in 1949 and and 1953. These were given to us by Jenny Elton who lived up the road in Mill Lane. Can you put a name to any of the children?

1953: Victoria Road School upper playground. Click to expand.

Jenny can remember some of the names and recounts: “First left Brian McIntyre who in later life was the school caretaker. 2nd from right Tom Blundell, now Sir Tom, Professor of Chemistry, Oxford Fellow of the Royal Society etc. Interestingly his younger  brother Roger is also a Sir (Economics). The tallest boy in the back row, Roger Brann was a St. Wilfrid boy and together with Tom were the class brain boxes.

Photo of the 1949 Percussion band at Victoria Road. (Jenny is in the back row 1st left)

You’ll find a detailed article on Victoria Road Infants and Junior Schools here.

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  1. My name is David Stevens and I am in the centre of the front row holding the board. My memory after 68 years is perhaps not as sharp as it used to be but I will try to identify at least some of the children. I do agree with Jenny’s identifications.
    The third from the left in the front row is Tommy Redford. I always wondered what happened to Tom Blundell as he was born on the same day as me and our mother’s were in the same ward in the now demolished Brighton Maternity Hospital, Buckingham Road
    The girl second from the left in the second row is Carol Carpenter, both her and Brian MacIntyre lived close to my own home. The girl sixth from the left in that row was called Rose or Rosemary though I can’t recall her surmame.
    I am not sure enough about the girls in row 3 apart from Gail Phizackely second from the right.
    The back row from the right are Anthony (Tony) Grant, Colin Friar, Bruce Mitchell and John Trevett. The others beyond Roger Brann I am not sure about. The teacher was Welshman Mr Jones.
    The photo was taken in the then, boy’s playground which is now the staff car park.
    The number 1 on the board referred to the class number whose pupils along with those of class 2 were in their final year at the school. Those who passed their 11 plus examination would go to Steyning Grammer School, Worthing High School for Girls or Worthing High School for Boys. The rest would either go to the boys’ Secondary Modern School in Middle Road or the girls’ equivalent in Southwick. The exception was Roger Brann who being from St Wilfrids had his secondary education in Hove as the Childrens’ Home was run by East Sussex County Council.
    In those days, unlike the present Swiss Gardens School, there were two schools on the site, an Infants School and a Junior School each with their own Head Teacher.
    Notice the lack of compulsory School Uniform although there was an optional set of clothing items. In the photo two of the girs are wearing the uniform blazer which was navy blue with a pocket badge and having mid blue trim. The boys’ caps and girls’ berets were quartered in the same colours. In those days boys didn’t wear long trouseds until they went to secondary school.
    Clothing, becase of economic conditions was often patched because of wear and tear and jumpers and socks darned. I cannot remember any bullying over what children were provided with to wear by their parents. The lack of uniform didn’t affect our educationor or our sense of belonging and pride in the school.
    I think the 1949 photo was taken in the assembly hall of the infants school. I can’t identify anyone or even if I was present. I do remember being given a triangle to play (badly) when we had tthose sessions. I always have a vision of that musical event every time I hear Carl Orff’s musical compositions for children.

    1. Tommy Redford is my brother and is currently living in Lancing and he went on to Worthing High School for Boys. We lived in Victoria Road.

      Colin Friar currently lives in the Chichester area
      and lived in Old Shoreham Road. I sat next to his sister Pat on my very first day at Victoria Road School and we have been close friends ever since.

      I have four other siblings Gillian, Ian, Lucille and Barbara and we all went to Victoria Road School.

      1. I am standing next to Tommy Redford on the end of the row in the percussion band picture and am on the extreme right of the back row of the school photograph – my name is Tony Grant. I, like Tommy, live in Lancing and have done so since 1969. I remember Tommy lived in the white house on the corner where Victoria Rd and Rope Walk meet. I remember also a Dave Stevens -( who lived in the house on the left at the bottom end of the pathway between Adelaide Sq. and Corbyn Crescent?) In the school photograph, next to Carol Carpenter is Ann Goatley (who now lives in Upper Beeding – she is married to “Nipper” Landale who I see occasionally)). I think that back row, second from left, is Brian Winchester (who lived in Wenceling Cottages) and the girl third from the right in the second row is Kathleen (not sure of her surname) I recognise a few other but am struggling for names. I still see Bruce Mitchell from time to time – he lives in Lancing also.
        By coincidence, I cycled past the old school yesterday morning and these photographs were on my computer when I got home. Brilliant memories!

        1. I remember Mr Jones .He always ran the A stream in the top year .I was in his class before I went to Worthing High School for Girls. in 1956 His brother taught at Middle road school for boys. Funnily enough I remember siblings of those mentioned Virginia Goatley, Jenny Landale ,nippers sister

    2. Your mention of Tom Blundell reminds me that his younger brother Richard and I were great childhood friends, both living in Adur Avenue.
      Tom, I believe was later knighted.
      Miss Ball was Headmistress during my time at Victoria Road school in the late 50’s early 60’s and both Mr. Filmer and Mrs. Jackson were two of my teachers before we moved away in 1962.

  2. I attended Victoria Road Infant and Junior Schools from 1953 to 1959 when Miss Ball was the Headmistress. I was in Mrs Ritchie’s class first, then Mrs Bound’s. At the Junior School I had Mrs Jackson, Mr Preston and Mr Ford. There was also a Mr Baker and a Mr Filmer. I left in 1959 to go to Worthing High School for Girls with Christine Davies, Eileen Skemer and Susan Mills. The boys in my class who went to the Boys’ High School were Paul Goldfinch, Trevor Day, Brian Gill and Alan Field I think.

    1. I remember those names and Susan Piper! You must have been a bit younger r.I went to WHS in 1956. I think everyone’s mother’s knew each other!

  3. My name is Lynne carroll, nee Foster, and I am sure that all of my sisters went to school at Victoria Road. Charmian, Judith, Gill and Julie.
    I was at Victoria Road from 55 to 61 and then I went to Kings Manor.
    I remember Miss Ball’s retirement, she was presented with a watch! My teachers were Mr Filmer, Mr Jones ( Friday Maths tests!) and Miss Barrett, of whom I was much afraid. I remember the segregated playgrounds and the little alley where we could look from one playground to another. happy days!

  4. This is a long shot.. my sister Janet (Jane) Ball went to Victoria Road from 1947 to 1953 and went on to Worthing High School for Girls.
    I also went to Victoria Road from 1950-56.
    Eventually my sister got married to John Coomb(e)s and lived in Lancing (Penhill Road). I lost contact with her around 1978.
    We grew up in Connaught Avenue and lived there until around the same time.
    I would love to hear from anybody who can help me find her or any anecdotal evidence that may not even be directly linked to her whereabouts.

    1. Hi Richard,
      I presume Janet married John A Coombes in 1969? It should not be too difficult to trace their whereabouts.

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