Jack’s Bargain Store

The shop, formed part of Victoria Terrace, on Victoria Road It was next to Jock Hamiltons Garage, and faced the Ritz Cinema, which is now demolished, and replaced by the RopeTackle development . Jacks Bargain stores extended it’s trading space by setting several tables, out side onto the pavement. The tables, were covered with numerous boxes, of all manner of used domestic utensils, rusty meat mincers, lay alongside an old cribbage board, or some well worn eating knives and forks.

A box of old cigarette cards, maybe next to some old well thumbed Post cards…just for collectors A heavy blunted, and rusted lawn mower, would often be laid flat on its side.The shop interior was a riot of ancient brown wood furniture, an out of tune Piano..with with it’s candlebra of unpolished brass, pushed aside…A lady’s bike with flat tyres…That Jack would say give me five bob, and it’s your and he would offer his hand, to shake on a possible deal.

Jack obtained much from house clearances, he was a bigger than life individual he always seemed to be wearing a huge green sweater which had holes and covered with food stains..If he was out of the shop , a slim, long ginger haired lady looked after the shop, sometimes negotiating the sale of some old acetate film reels, or a glass jar full of marbles…Jack often spent his lunch break in The Kings Head pub, or Sid Pages pub the Arundel Arms, where Sid displayed family members Vellum Certificates when members of the Shoreham Life Boat… nowadays, ADC would object to use of the pavement trading, something back in the 40s and 50s, was tolerated.

Text from Gerry White

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