Day out to Bramber

For me this photo (from the Winton Collection) is a fascinating record of the days when visits were organised for children from Shoreham and elsewhere that involved an exciting journey on the train to Bramber Castle and sometimes included modest fairground-like entertainment, stalls and swings etc.,

Some fifty years later in the 1940’s  our sunday school organised its annual outing there (do they still have Sunday schools?) and included a visit to Potter’s Museum with its (gruesome and a bit depressing) stuffed animal displays of birds and kittens (I remember feeling so sad on seeing the scene depicting ‘The Death of Cock Robin”) and then on to the castle grounds. But once there although there was no fair then it was a wonderful day out for us children running up and down the castle mound and of course included the two way trip in the smokey train with its wonderful creaking carriages.

Spinalman follows up:
When the Potter Museum closed in the 70’s it was replaced by the very dull House of Pipes.   I cycled to Bramber for the Grand Opening! of the house of pipes… and I was filmed by Pathe or Southern film crew looking underwhelmed at a cabinet full of … pipes.

House of Pipes Newsreel

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