3 Replies to “Joseph Ripley – a selection of the photographer’s WW1 images”

  1. Very evocative, of the events at Southwick and Shoreham during the Great War, I wonder how many of the men, who were mainly raw recruits, returned to England, after all the fighting and slaughter on the Western Front was over….The scenes show the British Spirit, which prevailed
    and eventually brought Victory…..to the Allies….The Influence of men who returned from India
    where they had been soldiering , could be seen ,
    +with the photo of the prize winners of the Pankawallahs Cup
    It no doubt referred to a Punkawallah, an Individual in India, whose job it was to fan, the British
    by using a Punka, which was a blanket, fixed up and waved to create a draft..of cooling air.

  2. Hi
    Just looking through a few WW1 post cards and came across Eastern Command Depot Football Team Shoreham by Sea 1916-17.
    14 guys in photo.

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