Cinemas in the early years

The cinemas in Shoreham that I can remember was the ‘Norfolk’, later named the ‘Ritz’ and the ‘Coliseum’ then often referred to as ‘the flea pit’ does anyone know if there were others?
The photo is of the Portlade Cinema ( Kinema ?) that was attended by my Uncles and Aunts for a Childrens Saturday matinee. Taken between 1901 and 1908.


That looks like the Pavilion cinema in North Street, Portslade and, yes, I went there too but much later after it was partially rebuilt.
I see Lofty’s kindly offered another cinema and I’ll chuck in one more. The Bijou cinema on the left with a sign ‘pictures’ fixed on it. It was also used by the film company on the beach for previews of their films and was I think also where Ricardo’s ‘Two Stroke Engine Co’ manufactured their early cars.
There were of course other Shoreham cinemas.



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