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  1. Henry Cheal did such a remarkable job and Shoreham history enthusiasts have always looked up to him. But is Henry Cheal infallible?

    1. That is a good question Kim. I have a few reservations particularly about Cheal’s implication that the old harbour was where the Northborne had formed what looks like a bay – in Cheal’s map of the 13th Century town and waterfront on page 20. I don’t see that as ever being navigable.

      Why not open this discussion on the forum?

      1. Thanks Paul. In my research about the oyster fishery I’ve found a couple of biggies. In photos Cheal strikes me as a Mr. Polly (HG Wells character, a clerk that becomes a gentleman but is out of place amongst his ‘betters’). His need to please the merchant class warped the types of exhibits in the Marlipins and consequently the history of Shoreham. More humble lives have been passed over. But you can’t ignore his scholarship and research that went into his books.

  2. I’m just about to publish my book ‘DOWN CHANNEL – Smacks and Mariners of the Shoreham Oyster Fishery’. Like Cheal I am asking for subscribers. It’s a little daunting following in the old man’s footsteps; probably the only hardback book book to be written about Shoreham history since Cheal’s ‘History of Shoreham’ in 1921! Marlipins have been very kind giving permission to publish some of the 90 old photos in the book (a lot are on this SBS site).

  3. Good luck Kim! fantastic that you are doing this. My ancestors were living on the beach in the 1920’s & 30’s in a bungalow on Old Fort Rd, I’m obsessed with all of it, we’ve luckily got quite a lot of family memorabilia and so on, I think they had a jolly time in between the wars on the beach, still love Shoreham a lot!

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