Newspapers 18th /19th Century Introduction

Life in Shoreham as Reported in 18th & 19th Century Newspapers

 The British Library Newspaper Archive is a massive and absolutely fascinating resource and thanks must go them for their permission in allowing these images to be reproduced ( Please also note that in copyright images belong to Northcliffe Media Limited and out of copyright images belong to The British Library.

Not every Shoreham related article or report has been recorded and do not include those:-

– with a reference to Shoreham but with a subject that does not relate to a Shoreham event or person,

– the same article repeated in other newspapers.

This has been a considerably time consuming job and the sheer size of the work has meant we haven’t been able to be as precise as we would have wished as regards quality of the images. So apologies in advance now for:-

untidy snapshots, often unavoidable to include parts of adjoining, non-related articles without spending even more time editing,

mis-placed articles in wrong order or section,

unclear, difficult to read articles sometimes due to poor original print but sometimes screen shots in too small a size,

articles that we’ve missed (hopefully few) altogether.

The majority of these articles are gathered from the Sussex Advertiser but that newspaper ceased publication in the 1870’s and the British Library’s archives do not yet have a suitable replacement newspaper that covers Shoreham matters sufficiently. The West Sussex Library Service does however have microfilm copies of complete West Sussex Gazette issues from 1860 so 1859 seems to be a logical point at which to terminate this project

Articles have been split into categories:-


       1. Crime, Punishment, Police 

       2. Harbour

       3. HM Customs, Blockades, Coastguards and Smuggling

       4. Military

       5. Politics


       7. Roads & Bridges

       8Schools and the Church 

       9a. Ships

       9b. HMS Shoreham

      10. Sport

      11Swiss Gardens

      12. War

      13. Workhouse

      14. Miscellanous (Part 1)

      15. Miscellaneous (Part 2)


 Roger Bateman

Shoreham, February 2014