Military funeral

This from Roy Wood of photos from William Wood’s funeral in 1934. Wiliam lived at 5, Middle Road (later renumbered 36), Shoreham. He had joined the Royal West Kent regiment in 1892 and was finally discharged in 1917. The Army honours their own – the funeral processon was provided by the Sussex Regt. He is buried in St Julian’s graveyard.

Further to this story, here are the pages for Middle Road, Kingston, from directories of 1919 and 1935, showing the changed numbering.

Northview Terrace was numbered 1-14, east to west.  Subsequent re-numbering started at the Eastern Avenue end, running west to east, the terrace now being nos. 44-18 Middle Road.

Both directories show William Wood.  The 1935 edition, presumably, had been compiled during 1934.

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