3 Replies to “Census 1841”

  1. Very enlightening for me in my search for my ancestors, the Penton family in Ropecastle. If there is any information you could add I would be grateful to receive it. Bertram Richards

    1. Just in case you weren’t aware Bertram, there are a few other entries for the Pentons in the New Shoreham Parish Records on this website but most are in the Old Shoreham Parish Records.

  2. What an amazingly useful site…thank you!

    At 48 Middle Street the family named Tupner are actually the Tapners…the enumerator had vile handwriting to be fair!

    I think, (and it has to be purely my surmise) he’d also misheard one of the children’s names and put down Eliza (female) as Elijah (male) – I expect, being only four, she was tucked away safely in bed when he called!

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