Universal British Directory 1791

A transcript of the Gentry and Tradesmen of Shoreham, Kingston, Southwick and Lancing from The Universal British Directory 1791

(John Wilkes produced the Universal British Directory covering many smaller towns throughout England and Wales. Parts of it were often taken from other people’s directories and some were again reprinted at later dates so his lists must be used with some caution. ‘F’ indicates a freeman)

New Shoreham
Gentry Tompson Capt. James
Burton Capt. John (F) Wingfield Capt. George, (F)
Butler Capt. John (F) Clergy
Elgar Sideric, Gent. (F) Marchant Rev. William, (F) Vicar
Hooper John, Gent. (F) Physic
Miller Capt. William Sutliff John, (F) Apothecary
Miller Capt. Hames Law
Monkhouse Capt. John Brown John, (F) Attorney
Pelham John, Gent. (F)
Roberts John, Gent. (F)
Roberts Lieut. Bartholomew
Robinson Henry, Gent. (F)
Traders etc.,
Amos Thomas, (F) Captain of the King’s Cutter Button Benjamin, Mariner
Austin William, Blacksmith Byas Harry, Mariner
Balcomb Thomas, Taylor Carpenter Richard, (F) Glazier
Barnet John, Caulker Cave William, (F) Grocer, Linen-draper and Stamp-office
Beach James, Caulker Clement Simon, Schoolmaster
Bennet Thomas, (F) Victualler Clements William, Mariner
Boyce John, sen. (F) Innkeeper Cooper Francis, (F) Mariner
Boyce John, jun. Carpenter and Ironmonger Cooper James, Bricklayer
Brooker Jonathan, Mariner Cooter William, Bargeman
Brookfield Elizabeth, Baker Cooter William, (F) Coal-dealer
Brown Richard, Hair Dresser Corbet William, Baker
Burnet John, Victualler Courtney James, Mariner
Burrows Caleb, (F) Harbour –master Daniel Adam, Blacksmith and Linen-draper
Burton John, (F) Merchant & Maltster Daniel Adam, Blacksmith and Linen-draper
Butler John, Mate of the King’s Cutter Deadman Joseph, Bricklayer
Dean Frederick, (F) Butcher Light James, Mariner
Dean Olbinus, Bricklayer Lintott John, Taylor
Draper Thomas, Mariner Mitchell James, Block-maker
Durrant Michael, Baker Monkhouse Richard, Deal and Coal Merchant
Edwards Tho. Comptroller of the Customs Moore Ralph, Pilot
Edwards John, sen. (F) Shipbuilder Moorrey John, Carrier
Edwards John, jun. Shipwright Morley Thomas, Sawyer
Egdean Samuel, Shoemaker Muns George, Mariner
Foster John, Taylor & Grocer Nayler William, Mariner
Freeman Clement, Corker Norton John Bridger, (F) Wine-merchant
Fuller William, Riding Officer Page, John, Mariner
Gates John, Grocer Pannett William, Mariner
Geer Deborah, Schoolmistress Parker Thomas, Mate of the King’s Cutter
Gradick William, Bargeman Parsons John, Innkeeper
Hannington Charles, (F) Brewer Partington Henry, Custom-house Clerk and Surveyor of Windows
Hannington Harry, (F) Bargeman Pelham Thomas, Ship-builder
Harley William, Ropemaker Pockney Tho. Gardener & Town Clerk
Harris Richard, Sawyer Puttick Thomas, Sawyer
Haselgrove William (F) Mason and Stone-cutter Ridgewell Josiah, Tide Waiter
Hawkins John Roberts, (F) Captain of the King’s Cutter Roberts Nicholas, (F) Coast-waiter
Hayler William, Bricklayer Roberts Hugh, Sailmaker
Hersal William, Fisherman Robson James, Mariner
Hillier Edward, Carpenter Ruby William, Mariner
Hillman Nathaniel, Victualler Salisbury Thomas, Mariner
Hogsdean John, Shipwright Sawyers John, Peruke-maker
Holden John, Coal-meter Sawyers Thomas, Carpenter
Hollingham Thomas, Victualler Sawyers Harry, Mariner
How James, Glazier Sawyers William, Town Crier
Innott John, (F) Brewer Sawyers Samuel, Mariner
Jones Rice, Post-maker and Tide-Waiter Smith Hannah, Grocer & Linen-draper
Kelly James, Mariner Smith John, (F) Tide-waiter
King William, Excise-officer Smith Thomas, Linen-draper
Lashman William, Mariner Smith James, (F) Innkeeper
Lashman William, Cooper Snook Thomas, Shipwright
Lashman Elizabeth, Victualler Snook John, (F) Tide-waiter
Stanes Eliz. Grocer and Linen-draper Walker William, Taylor
Stent John, (F) Grocer and Gardener Waterman William, Mariner
Stevens William, Shoemaker Weakham Thomas, Victualler
Stow Jas, (F) Surveyor of the Customs West Harry, Shoemaker
Stow James, Carpenter Wilson Samuel, Tide-waiter
Tilstone Joseph, (F) Ropemaker Wilson George, (F) Bricklayer and Stone-cutter
Tilstone Benjamin, (F) Brandy-merchant Winchester William, Mariner
Tilstone Thomas, (F) Ship-builder Wingfield John, Mariner
Trower Robert, Gardener Wingrove Jn. Master of the Poor-house
Trusler Josias, Mariner Young William, Shoemaker
Vennal Richard, Mariner
Old Shoreham
Gentleman Ellman Thomas, (F) Farmer
Bridger Colvill, Esq. (F) Hoick Harry, Grocer
Traders Etc., Kent William, Shoemaker
Badcock Richard, Farmer Oram Edward, Gardener
Badcock William, (F) Miller Penton William, Victualler
Chatfield John, Farmer Ratcliff John, (F) Grocer
Cudington Harry, (F) Labourer Ratcliff Willam, Glazier
Gentleman Leadbetter John, Farmer
Lloyd James, Esq., (F) Justice Muffett John, Grocer
Traders Etc., Newman William, Taylor
Allen William, (F) Grocer and Linen-draper Newman James, Farmer
Bushby Thomas, (F) Farmer Newman William, (F) Farmer
Carver Richard, Farmer Penfold Hugh, Farmer
Carver James, Innkeeper Sharp Richard, Blacksmith
Feard Thomas, (F) Maltster Southern John, Carpenter
Grinstead John, Farmer Southern John, (F) Labourer
Hampton William, Shoemaker Stone John, Victualler
Hampton John, Shoemaker Weller John, Farmer
Heaver John, Miller
Traders Etc., Gorringe William, Farmer
Baker John, Innkeeper Norton Thomas, (F) Collector of the Customs
Baker Harry, Mariner
Gentleman Marchall William, (F) Pilot
Norton John, Esq., (F) Justice Morley William, Blacksmith
Traders Etc., Nell Harry, Carpenter
Brown James, Pilot Nye Thomas, Carpenter
Burton Richard, (F) Maltster Rice Joseph, (F) Merchant
English Thomas, (F) Labourer Rice John, (F) Merchant
Gravestock John, (F) Shoremaker Short Nathaniel, Victualler
Grover Isaac, Shoemaker Smith John, (F) Maltster
Hall Nathaniel, (F) Farmer Turner James, (F) Miller
Hunter John, Grocer Upperton Thomas, (F) Mariner
Jay William, (F) Labourer Weston John, Victualler
Leg James, (F) Tide-waiter and Coal-meter Young Daniel, Shoemaker