Double shipwreck 1923

Lofty writes:
In the early hours of the morning on Saturday 3rd November 1923, two spritsail barges were wrecked near the harbour entrance in stormy conditions.

One of the barges, named Klondyke and carrying a heavy cargo of basic slag, was stuck 30 yards from the shore next to the east pier.
The three crew members had to be rescued by hand lines thrown from the shore, whilst the decks were being pounded by the waves – no mean feat indeed.

The second barge, named Senta, was carrying a lighter load of wooden blocks, and she was beached further eastwards and higher up the beach.

When the tide had gone out the Klondyke was examined and it was obvious to all concerned that the damage was substantial and that the barge would never sail again.
All removable items were unbolted and taken higher up the beach where they were auctioned off.  The remains of the barge and the cargo were included in the auction but they were left where they were.

However, on the night of the auction, a furious gale suddenly sprung up, with the result that the side of the barge broke up and the cargo was washed out.  In addition, part of the east pier was washed away, and there were gaps in a number of groynes where all the debris from the pier and the barge had washed through them.

The Senta fared better.  She was temporarily patched up and was later towed off the beach on a spring tide and taken into the harbour where repairs were carried out.

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