River mystery

Nelson writes:
Two images that appear to have been taken near the same point on the river (the trees in the enlargements on the left and in the middle distance have the same shapes) but where is it exactly? There are a few clues but nothing conclusive that I can make out.

What has become apparent though is before that house in the distance there appears to be the corner of a wall with the right side of the wall in sunshine and the left in shadow.

Another of William Winton’s outings with his pals shows them in one of the creeks and the river banks behind them. Now I do remember those pipes going across the river but can’t remember where – once again they’re not shown on maps.

Update Aug 2021: Good old google earth! Just north of the roundabout before Upper Beeding ….. and the wall is still there (just). Still need to place those pipes though.
1 = trackway up from Castle Town
2 = walled field
3 = barn at what is now the commercial complex comprising old farm buildings
4 = cricket field (see steam tug and barges photo)

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