Film compilation of Shoreham

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Shoreham Airport – Shoreham Peeps (1962)
Railway station and traffic on the streets – A River Runs Through Our Town (1962)
The beach and boats on the water – Shoreham Peeps (1962)
The harbour, followed by shops in the town including a butcher, postman, dustman and policeman – A River Runs Through Our Town (1962)
Winter scenes in the town centre – Shoreham Peeps (1962)

Aerodrome c1913

A collection from Alex Robertson. The early days of aviation at Shoreham.

For a detailed article on the earliest days of aviation at Shoreham visit here.
For a graphical timeline of the expansion of the aerodrome site visit here.

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Airco crash Lancing

Nelson writes:
It’s been some time since I last saw this photo and don’t think it has ever appeared on our forum before – even if it has it is probably worth another look.

Lancing Clump in the background. Decorative board on the left probably advertising a new estate of houses and behind it the intended buildings have been staked out. In the centre is what appears to be a tractor surrounded by debris ……. until you realise the tractor has a propeller attached to it and uniformed (RAF?) men clamber on the wreckage to load broken aircraft wings on to a lorry. The aircraft looks much like an Airco DH9A used by the RAF from 1918 to 1931 that has come down in Lancing on an approach to the airport.

captioned: Clearing up aircraft wreckage. Worthing to Brighton Road. June 18th 1927

70 years apart

About 70 years between these two photos (c.1912 & 1980’s) not a precisely exact match but close enough for it to have been a near miss if both aircraft had been flying at the same time. 

Top – taken from the Pashley brothers’ aircraft. Below – Detail from a photo from the Meridian Air Maps Collection on SBS

The Sussex Aero Club

A little bit of hidden history in this photo. ‘The Sussex Aero Club’ painted on the roof of the barn next to New Salts farmhouse and the demolition of the original Norfolk Bridge tells us this is 1922 – a year when the airport was not in use and aircraft flew from Easters Field behind the barn. 

Lofty adds:
Notice the railway-type signal at the approach to the bridge.  This is operated via a chain that runs down the side of the signal and into the pavement.
I have always wondered – was this signal controlled from the nearby office/booth, or from the similar building located at the other (east) end of the bridge, thus allowing one-man operation to control the traffic ?

scan courtesy of GPO

Flights from Salts Farm

The old aero club at Salts Farm shows a car outside which reminded us of another photo of George Miles in the same car that he used to bring customers to the airport for flying trips with his brother Fred. In those days George lived in digs in Pembroke Avenue, Hove where he parked the car still decorated with the posters pasted on it. (Photos courtesy Neil De Ville)

Anders Lundquist Collection

Anders Lundquist Collection

Anders passed through Shoreham on many occasions from the 60’s As a keen amateur photographer he decided to record the ordinary. 50 years later that ordinary provides an evocative window into a once familiar world.

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