Aerodrome c1913

A collection from Alex Robertson. The early days of aviation at Shoreham.

For a detailed article on the earliest days of aviation at Shoreham visit here.
For a graphical timeline of the expansion of the aerodrome site visit here.

Alex Robertson describes the following images: “Two Bristol fighters at Shoreham Aerodrome first picture taken in 1953 and second in 1917. Along with an Avro that didn’t quite make it to the landing strip, 20/03/1918 and the pilot was a Lieutenant Jones who survived the crash. I’ve included two pictures of my Uncle Harry who took his pilot’s training at Shoreham in 1917. In the first picture, Harry is on the left, you can see he only has single wing as he was in training so still only an observer, picture taken down at Shoreham Fort. Second picture taken a couple of months later he now has the full set having passed his pilot’s training and is about to set off back to France. Harry is the reason my family settled on Shoreham Beach, as my Grandfather came to visit during Harry’s training, loved the town and stayed moving down from London.”

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