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After a pint at the Red Lion take a walk westwards across the Toll Bridge, turn left across the stream, past the old guardhouse then turn right and look towards the Sussex Pad. Go back in time 130 years and this is the view you’ll see.(‘Lancing Brook Leading to the old Sussex Pad’ by Arthur Willett 1857 – 1918)

Bartlett Collection

John Bartlett is descended from the Winton and Maple families of Shoreham. His mother Daphne Maple married Robert Bartlett, both of Old Shoreham, in 1940. The Bartletts came from Lancing and settled in Old Shoreham where John’s grandfather was the collector at the Toll Bridge. John has kindly provided us with a selection of his family photographs dating from the early 1900’s.

1. Robert Bartlett senior, the father of George, was the Lancing Stationmaster and Postmaster seen here outside the post office with his postmen, in Lancing’s North Road.

2. This postcard shows the backwater at Lancing after the 1910 storm. The scene appears to be the coast road looking up South Street with the Three Horseshoes pub on the right.

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Old Shoreham Parish & Buckingham Manor

Old Shoreham Parish & Buckingham Manor

Bob Hill, a local historian, concentrated much of his research work and photo collections on his beloved Old Shoreham. Author of two outstanding booklets on Old Shoreham Bob used many of the following images to illustrate them and in doing so has preserved an important historical record of that small parish. The collection now lies with the Sussex Archaeological Society in their Marlipins Museum archives who have given their permission to display them on 

Blind Fanny Winton

Blind Fanny Winton

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I’ve known about Old Shoreham’s blind Fanny Winton for many years but never got round to reading Martha Rigden’s account in her 1873 book ‘By A Way They Knew Not.’

In clearing some old papers recently I discovered this anonymous resume of the book that condenses Fanny’s story of a hard life, going blind, travelling to Brighton for (somewhat harsh) treatment, bedridden for 30 years etc., and also tells us a little of the area and the people in it.

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