Bungalow Town Directory 1914 (Directories for 1917 onwards are included with the directories for Shoreham)

Extract from The Worthing and District Local Directory 1914-15



Shopsdam, ·West End of Widewater

Postal District, Lancing; nearest Post &. Telegraph Office is Lancing

From Lancing to Shoreham

(Vigo) Chandler, Wm. bungalow agent

(Lancing Point) Croshaw, G. S.

(Valhalla) Woolsey, G. E.

(Bella Vista) Briggs, William

(Hearts Delight) Mayne, Mrs.

(Sanducha) Heathcote, A. E.

(Andover) Haines, Miss


Shoreham Postal District.

From Lancing Beach to Beach road and Kings drive

(Happy Land) Phillips, Mrs.

(Beach Bank) Solly, .J. R.

(Happy Thought) Bridson, Rev. P.

(Silver Strand) Davis, Mrs. E.

(Gipsyland) West, Mrs. T.

(Tokio) Pamment, G. W.

(Kioto) Elms, Mrs. M.

(Ocean Wave) Verrinder, S. H.

(Belvedere) Enever, Mrs.

(San Remo) Batley, Mrs. E. M.

(Waiwera) Bate, A.

(Day Dream) Lawrance, D. W.

(The Haven) Randolph, Col.

(The Moorings) Jenkins, Mrs. H.

(The Shanty) Neville, MrsM. E.

(Gelasma) Howard, Mrs.

(Sano) Raynham, Mrs.

(Kingscote) Bourdin, H.

(Bohemia) Reed, C. T.

(Sur-La-Mer) Modin, Mrs. G.

(Inglenook) White, Mrs. M.

(Brynhir) Harrison, Mrs.

(Silver Spray) Davis, Mrs. E.

(Shamrock) Hill,,V. G.

(The Nuggett) Gold, Miss

(Fassifern) West, Mrs. T.

(Sea Haven) Myers, S.

(Isora) Harrison, Brook

(Sea Shell) Woolf, D.

(La Morna) Bright, H. W.

(Beach Croft) Havenden, A.

(The Folly) Heslop, Miss S. H.

(Tean) Godfrey, B. W.

(Kittiwake) Godfrey, B. W.


(Beach Haven) King, Mrs.

(Arcadia) Rigby, John

(Struanlea) Robertson, Miss

(Rhodesia) Gillett, Rev. C. T.

(Gull’s Nest) Pointer, Mrs.

(Lazyland) Cleaver, H. C.

(Rock Point) Pyne, A. R.

(Beach ville) Cox, Mrs.

(Lockerbie) Trife, :Miss


From Beach road to Brighton road and Bungalow Town Halt

(St. Clair) Peckover, G.


Kings Drive to Ferry road and Old Fort road

(Sea View) Havinden, A.

(La Maisonette) Edmonds, Miss A.

(Ivydene) Burstow, Mrs. E. J.

(Allandale) Locock, Mrs.

(Shingle Lodge) Berry, J. M.

(Sea Spray) Ashton; Mrs.

(Coronation) Lee, T.

(Hirondelle) Cheesman, Miss

(Oceana) Gardner, Mrs. F.

(Etheldene) Sendall, F. E.

(Shoreham Dene) Marshall, C. D.

(Chandos) Marshall, T. A.

(Salud) Jeffreys, Mrs.

(La Vague) Hardwick, A. A. H.

(Mona) Leggatt, A. S.

(Villa Lido) Belfield, W.

(Seacot) Goring, H. 0.

(Favonta) Linton, Mrs.

(Waterville) Paine, Mrs.

(Harbour St. Mary) Nunn, Mrs. H.

(Sans Souci) Fogarty, W.

(Dorothy) Bennett, Mrs.

(Pebbleridge) Turquand, Miss S. E.

(Beach Lodge) Pitts, Miss L. C.

(St. Hilda) Lundi, Mrs.

(Minnehaha) Leggett, A. S.

(Seacroft) Foley, H. J.

(The Era) Budd, J. H.

(Sea Gull) Mellett, Miss

(Bury Lodge) Standen, F.

(Retreat) Moresby, Miss E. G.

(Athelney) Blackford, J. B.

(Belle View) Dupre-Clough, A.

(Seamount) Salmon, Mrs. J. E.

(Downsview) Ashton, –

(Buenos Ayres) Tindall, Mrs.

(Stonehaven} Pitts, Miss L. C.

(Triton Lodge} Gardner, J.

(Sunshine) Hardwick, A. A. H.

(Porth Genua) Davies, Miss

(Three Gables) Smith, Miss Loy

(Mimosa) Smith, Miss Loy

(Canacoa) Eliot, Miss M. T. E.

(The Cabin) Whitby, Miss

(Woodcot) Smith, Miss Loy

(St. Vincent) Smith, Miss Loy

(Tit  Willow) Vidal, E.

(Niobe) Austen, F.

(Maelvy) Monk, Mrs. J. S.

(The Anchorage) Grundy, Mrs. S. A.

(Seaholme} Dupont, Mrs. W. H.

(Anonyma) Molyneaux, Mrs.

(Montpelier) Bellamy, H. A.

(San Toy} Porter, R.

(The Breakers) Williams, Dr. G. C.

(Restona) Marsten, Miss

(St. Brelades) Chaplin, C. A.

(Greenways) Hayter, C.

(Sussex Lodge) Landen Mrs.

(The Pagoda) Kingston, Capt. L. A.


The Ferry to Beach road RIGHT SIDE

(Ferry House) Shoreham Beach and District Development Co. Ltd.

Iversons Limited Seaside Land Co. (Ltd.)

Bungalow Stores (Ltd.)

(Wallaby) Williams, W.

(Thorrington) Beddoe, Mrs.

(Sorrento) Hyams, Mr’l.

Pillar Letter Box LEFT SIDE

Board of Trade Rocket and Life Saving Apparatus

(Framnaes) Easter, Stephen

(The New Era) Neill, A


From Ferry road to Old Fort

(Palova) Loftus, Miss

(Nellstan) Burdwood, S. H.

(Rosemary) Rice, Rev. T.

(Blink Bonny) Gates, G. H.

(Montrose) Raynes, Rev. H. A.

(Samphire) Stammwitz, S. A.

(Iona) Marshall, Major H ..

(Cecil Lodge) Ledger, S.

(Barrymore) Marshall, Major H.

(Hop o’ Thumb) Evans, W. E.

(Arnside) Inskip, Mrs.

(Silverdale) Inskip, Mrs.

(Lyndory) Schmidt, Mrs.

(Fides) Olby, Mrs.

(Maryland) Townsend, Mrs.

(Telby-Four) Lang, L.

(Wendy) Inskip, Mrs.

(Surf House) Trengrouse, H.

(The Keep) Easter, Stephen

(Dars-es-Salaam) Easter, Stephen

(The Bungalow) Borton, Mrs.

(Eastville) Henwood. Mrs.

(Victoria) Denny, B. S. L.

(Corona) Price, Mrs. C. A. J.

(Moringside) Henley, Mrs.

(Ontario} Bennett, C.

(Boy Blue) Scotcher, W.

(Larkstone) Havers, Miss

(Seaweed) Tabrar, A.

(Maydew) Faulkner, Miss M. R.

(Eyrie) Grant, Miss

Pillar Letter Box

(Holmcote) .Mills, Watkin

(The Kraal) Francis, H. A.

(The Admiral) Fisher, E. E. Esq.

(The Wigwam) Ernst, Dr. L. E.

(Mersholme) Reeks, Mrs. M. E.

(Gratus) Anderton, Miss K.

(Vivian) Humrhrey, L.

(Pebblecote) Spaul, 0. S. A.

(The Warren) Lansdell, W. H.

(Kingsville) Steddy, H. C.

(Queens.ville) Morgan, Col. F. C.

(Cecilia) Loftus, Miss Cissie

(Picciola) Klimanek, M. L.

(Lullaby) Knight, :Miss

(Cranbourne Lodge) Ryley, Dr. J. B

(The Hut) Ruttering, Miss

(Pax) .Monro, W. E.

(Massater) Reid, Dr.

(Cornubia) Snell, Miss

(The Nest) Dempster, Dr.

(Sunnyland) Bullen, W. H. C.

(Rivermouth) Hollins, Rev. H. C.

(The Shelter) Courtney, G. F.

(Desiree) Heale, Miss

(Hygieia) Jopling-Rowe, :Mrs.

(La Boheme) Miers, Mr.s.

(Roxburgh) Kerr, Mrs. S. E.

(Fort House) Tracey, C. D.

(Wray) Hall, Mrs. J. E.

(Fort Haven) Monro, W. E.

(Sandy Hook) Fisher-White, J.

(La Tosca) Willatts, J.

(Aurora) Steddy, H. C.

(Beach House) Easter, Stephen


Kings Drive to Ferry Road

(Sunnydene) Burstow, Mrs. F.

(The View) Burstow, Mrs. E. J.

(Claremont) Neville, Mrs. A. M.

(College View) Brewster, Mrs.

(Mignon) Elphick, Mrs.

(The Chalet) Derriman, Mrs.

(Sunny Mount) Brewster, Mrs.

(Wavelet) Hardwick, A. A. R.

(Umtata) Sayers, H.

(Sunbeam) Hardwick, A. A. H.

(Northbrooks) Reeves, Miss

(Le Gnome) Carpentier, Mdlle.

(Riverside) Wilkins, Mrs. M. M.

(Riverbank) Monier-Williams, H.

(Norfolk Lodge) Yates, Miss

(Skylark) Baguley, C.

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