…. from the Daily Express  1904


the Tatler 1907 (1)

the Tatler 1907 (2)

…. the Daily Sketch 1913


…. and from the 1938 Town Guide

Assorted BT adverts (recent electrification of the line enabled the Leggett advert to proudly proclaim the local station to be Shoreham Electric Railway Station!)
Sam Maple is given credit as the pioneer of Bungalow Town – his son became romantically involved with the widow who owned the fabulous castle-like ‘Rhodesia’ bungalow on the beach (see article )
What are these structures on the beach near the foot of Ferry Road? Changing huts? The writing on the sides is not legible and the guide has been noted ‘1938’ by hand on the cover and if so it was surely too early to have been air raid shelters?
This well taken photo shows the Lido to have been quite a smart looking facility in its time.
A rare view of the rear of Tipperary bungalow