King’s Head – High Street

Still finding previously unnoticed discoveries in photos we’ve known for years. We’re told that the King’s Head was Georgian in the main and even mediaeval at heart – you had to step down from the street into the main bar, often a sign of a building’s antiquity. It had it’s three gables added in the 1890’s and this is the first time I’ve noticed a photo (taken after the snow storm of 1881) providing a hint of how it looked before. Perhaps a photo of the complete building will turn up one day.
Kings Head 1967 ©`Anders Lundquist
The West End and what replaced the Kings Head. Montage by ©Roger Bateman

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  1. I think that I’ve discovered that my Great great Grandfather John W Smart was the Publican of the Kings Head in 1881. He had a son Frank at the time aged 5 w ho I think was my Great Grandfather but he doesn’t appear in the 1891 census.
    At the same time in the 1891 census, Thomas Rickard was the Publican at the Beehive Inn , North Street and pretty sure that he was my Great great Grandfather who had a daughter called Sarah Ann but might appear as Annie. I think she married Frank Smart but have yet to fill gaps.

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