A cautionary tale – Bungalow Town

Not of much interest to many perhaps but this cautionary note is for those researching Bungalow Town property locations:-

For many years now it has been known that the 1930’s Bungalow Town property map (in Shoreham Library and on this website) to be unclear in places as regards the rather indistinct way some of the bungalow names are noted against the property footprints. Nevertheless the map remains a good indication of where most of the bungalows were, in fact many have been proved correct through old photographs (e.g., name signs on the walls of the buildings etc.,).
One glaringly obvious inaccuracy though has to be the misnaming of the well known ‘La Morna’ (1) as ‘Silverstrand.’ The attached illustration footprint of property number 566 clearly matches ‘La Morna’ as do the features indicated in the photographs of the neighbouring properties.  Obviously this has the effect of shunting the order of names on by one but due to the indistinct labelling the names that appear on the map some properties later continue to match correctly against proven bungalow locations.

(1)   A high resolution copy of the ‘La Morna’ photo shows a lifebelt on the wall with the building’s name on it.
(2)    The property map is here http://www.shorehambysea.com/bungalow-town-property-map-1935/