Middle Road Secondary School


– the new school photographs and plans in 1936 with reminiscences of former pupils from the 1940’s to 1980’s

Built in 1936 on a five-acre site in Middle Road, Kingston, where the recreation ground is now but then in land that had largely been used as fruit orchards and nurseries by the Cook’s Jam Factory in Dolphin Road. Initially opened as a boys’ senior elementary school for 360 pupils it included a number of unusual features (for those days) in both design and construction. It was built of reinforced concrete and flat roofs to allow for future extensions to be placed on top of the ground floor building and enabled wider spans for rooms that, with the large Crittall windows also installed gave pupils and teachers a bright and spacious environment. Continue reading “Middle Road Secondary School”

Bungalow Town Property Map 1935

Bungalow Town 1935 Property Map, Shoreham by Sea (inc. 1901 properties and 1912 map)

A List of Property Names and Plot Numbers from the 1935 Map of Bungalow Town
(in numerical order and alphabetical order)


Whilst the map is noted in Shoreham Library as 1935, discrepancies with the 1935 Street Directory suggest this map may be of another year. Street directories for some of the years in the 1920’s and 30’s provide postal numbers and occupants within street as well as a few years where the alphabetical order of house names is also provided. This listing provides a property number list and an alphabetical list only in respect of the properties on the map will not always correspond with properties of an earlier or later year.

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Bachelors Hall


The Rise and Fall of Bachelors’ Hall


Discovered amongst the pages of the Winton Collection of photo albums and scrapbooks this little known booklet was published in 1891 to celebrate the six short years of a long forgotten society of Shoreham bachelors dedicated to the noble state of remaining single. Nowadays such a publication would probably be condemned as sexist and perhaps even silly. Nevertheless, it records an organisation created in 1885 by a group of Shoreham’s young men whose names are still familiar to those interested in the town’s history .


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AH1 Ashcroft House Ted Heasman

Ashcroft was situated in the region then known as Kingston Buci, now Kingston by Sea. The Manor House was acquired by William Gorringe in the early 19th century and ‘Ashcroft’ was built in the grounds of the Manor House as a home for one of the younger sons.

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