Oldest Shoreham photo?

An atmospheric photo that oozes antiquity! The title is ‘Smacks and Vessels on the Beach at Shoreham’ taken by Samuel Buckle, a British photographer 1808 – 1860 and the photo was taken in 1853. Just about the oldest Shoreham photo I’ve seen.
(From the J Paul Getty Museum Collection – copyright)

Getty Museum: Smacks and Vessels on the Beach at Shoreham

Smacks and Vessels on the Beach, Shoreham; Samuel Buckle (British, 1808 – 1860); 1853; Salted paper print from a paper negative; 16 × 19.8 cm (6 5/16 × 7 13/16 in.); 84.XO.288.25; No Copyright – United States (http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/NoC-US/1.0/)

One Reply to “Oldest Shoreham photo?”

  1. Stunning photograph. The nearest smack is registered in Cork. Although we had first class smacks (letters coming first shows it’s first class) from Essex (CK) and Jersey (J) I’ve yet to find any references to Irish ones, although Cork did have an oyster fishery. The other thing of interest is that she’s clinker built with overlapping planks. Most of the big smacks were carvel built.

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