The Lindupp brothers

The story of Reuben Lindupp is included in ‘More Shoreham Characters’ on this website Susan O’Leary has sent us this link to her fascinating story of Reuben’s brother Harry who left Shoreham to become one of the early pioneers in Australia. Well researched and beautifully illustrated with some stunning photos – well worth a read. Thank you Susan.

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  1. Hello, I am the great granddaughter of the youngest of the 6 Edward, he moved to Portsmouth as a shipbuilder in the Dockyard there. He married in Shoreham and they had 5 children, my grannie was Elizabeth Mary 1868 to 1944.

    Happy to talk but I have no photos of Edward Lindupp sadly. I’d love to know exact house in Ship Street they lived in. I’m on Facebook.

    1. Thanks for your enquiry Cynthia. The earlier census returns are notoriously inconsistant in the order of properties that the census takers took when recording the occupiers. We do know though that the east side of Ship Street was mostly free of buildings as they were only the back gardens of the houses in neighbouring John Street.
      So we know virtually all of the houses in Ship Street were on the west side. Add to this the fact that from 1841 to at least 1871 the top half of the west side was known as Cavendish Place and the early returns faithfully describe the houses there as such.
      William Lindupp and his family including his sons Reuben and Edward do not appear in the Cavendish Place houses but are shown in the area below it but not consistently in the same sequence for each of the census years 1841 to 1861.
      Consequently we are left knowing the Lindupps were resident in Ship Street on the lower half of the west side. Sadly there are no surviving photos that I know of, of that part of the street added to which those dwellings were demolished in the 1950’s and only the top half, Cavendish Place, remains.

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