Disappearing Shoreham

Originally stretching all the way on both sides of the road from the suspension bridge to the flood arch, the old railings on the north side have recently been replaced by wooden ones.  Whether or not they were erected at the same time as the bridge itself (1833) is uncertain although it can be seen in many late 19th and early 20th century photos. This used wooden posts with the distinctive square iron rails held in place by a metal strap. Sometime since the wooden posts were replaced with cement ones but still using the square iron railings. Some of the south side railings still survive, for now, and although they may be of little architectural importance it is sad to see yet another part of the town’s history quietly disappearing almost unnoticed.

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  1. That is not so. The iron railings were there during the time the Suspension bridge was there. These photographs show that.  The exisiting piers built mid river for the first bridge are still there… as are the abutments at each end with their characteristic vermiculation to the blocks.  Under the road are the brick lined voids that enabled the chains to be anchored. The two statues attop the arches are now housed at Arundel castle and the old toll gate at the East end is now at the entrance to Sele Pirory.

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