All mod cons provided!

With every new photo there’s always something that catches your eye. We’ve seen photos of outside loos in BT (top left) but in the central photo of ‘Beach House’ and neighbouring bungalows on Widewater beach it’s the extensions onto the sides of both the nearest bungalows that draw your attention. They seem unnaturally narrow – perhaps a loo at the end, discreetly away from the main part of the bungalow? On the other hand there are stove pipes coming out of both – perhaps stoves for hot water isolated from the main building to lessen the fire risk? Perhaps a combination of both to provide a cosy sitting during natural breaks?
Anyway, the toilet answer seems likely as the photo of the 1910 storm shows soil pipes that line up with the front part of the bungalows – it also tells us that although we read about regular septic tank collections for BT there were certainly parts of the beach that had ‘sophisticated’ sewerage disposal!