Ships Built or Registered in Shoreham


Ships Built or Registered in Shoreham

from the 13th century to the early 1900’s.

(excluding yachts which are listed in the separate article ‘Stow & Sons Yachts 1866 – 1936 and Courtney & Birkett.’)


This index is consistently the most frequently referred to record on the History Portal web site. This, and the printed library version, is the third update since the first publication in 2010 and now includes information on over 600 vessels. Ranging from mediaeval times to the 20th century, fishing smacks to 48-gun men of war and merchant ships that travelled the world known to have been built in Shoreham, Kingston and Southwick. Even during the 18th century Shoreham ships sailed as far as India, Australia, the Americas and the West Indies. War ships were still being built for the Royal Navy and one Shoreham built man of war (HMS Scorpion) had a particularly eventful career capturing five French ships in 1795 before subsequently joining Shoreham’s merchant fleet only to be captured itself yet still managed to return to British merchant trading shortly after.

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Shoreham’s WW1 Fatalities

The names on this Roll of Honour have been collected from the memorials in Shoreham’s churches, cemeteries, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Soldiers Died in The Great War and includes many whose names are not shown on the town’s War Memorial. This record has been compiled independently of the Roll of Honour web site and includes more comprehensive information gleaned from Civil Registrations, Census Returns, Shipping Passenger Lists and some Service Records. Continue reading “Shoreham’s WW1 Fatalities”

Coliseum Theatre Programme 1919

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A rare programme of a musical comedy at the old Coliseum that once stood at the between Ham Road and Brighton Road next to the Ham. No local people seem to be involved and the performers appear to be a travelling troupe probably based in London that also toured the provinces.

The theatre regularly staged revues from London and on Sundays supplemented these with a ‘programme of pictures’ – probably early movies that were later to replace the live shows entirely. Cakes, biscuits and non-alcoholic drinks were sold at each performance and the management seemed to consider it necessary to include a note in the programme that the theatre was regularly disinfected with Jeyes Fluid! Continue reading “Coliseum Theatre Programme 1919”

Bert Longstaff – Professional Footballer

Bert Circle

In his time Albert Edward Longstaff was a household name in Brighton, in the county and beyond; his image and exploits appeared in many postcards, football team photos and newspaper reports during the first part of the twentieth century. Born in 1885 in Shoreham of parents John and Sarah and one of four brothers and two sisters living for a short while at the family home at Queens Place before moving to their more permanent home in Victoria Road. His father was a Durham man, an agricultural engine driver experienced in steam ploughing who later used his knowledge to become a traction engine agent for the Shoreham and surrounding area.

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Venetian Water Carnival Programme 1923


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:rogerbateman:Desktop:Regatta 1923:SBS sized (500) images:r1.jpg


A rare, original programme recording the competitors and events of the 1923 carnival. This small booklet measuring 4 inches by 5 inches and printed by Pope & Beesley of Middle Street reveals that from start to finish the carnival ran for a considerable nine hours but, surprisingly, on a Wednesday and not during a weekend. The story and photos of Shoreham’s regattas and carnivals, particularly the 1924 and 1926 events and the man that organized them are already included in the article ‘William Edward Winton – Regattas and Postcards.’ That article describes some of the boat races including the shovel and dog swimming events – this programme reveals a few more such as one-oar races, milk churn trundling, participation by the town’s fire brigade and even a list of the illuminated boats. Continue reading “Venetian Water Carnival Programme 1923”

Ayling Stores Order Book

A1d 89 424 circa 1910 Individuals may well be Aylings

A rare and fascinating relic of Shoreham’s commercial past is this 1908 receipt book provided by Henry Ayling & Sons for their customers. Aylings were family grocers, drapers and furnishers at 54/56 High Street on the western corner with John Street. Henry Ayling born 1838, a master grocer from Midhurst and his wife Fanny arrived in Shoreham during the mid/late 1860’s after acquiring the premises.

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Bachelors Hall


The Rise and Fall of Bachelors’ Hall


Discovered amongst the pages of the Winton Collection of photo albums and scrapbooks this little known booklet was published in 1891 to celebrate the six short years of a long forgotten society of Shoreham bachelors dedicated to the noble state of remaining single. Nowadays such a publication would probably be condemned as sexist and perhaps even silly. Nevertheless, it records an organisation created in 1885 by a group of Shoreham’s young men whose names are still familiar to those interested in the town’s history .


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