Map from 1360

I’m fascinated by mediaeval history particularly concerning our area. Don’t know how long this resource has been on line but it provides a revealing glimpse of the places in c.1360 considered then to be more important. I’ve added the present day names and surprisingly (for me) it includes places like Stopham and Chiddingfold – Selsey at that time was an island! Shoreham is portrayed as quite a dominant town which of course it was then due to its shipbuilding industry but strangely the River Adur is not included. What it lacks in detail and proportion it makes up for by magically taking us back to a Tolkein-like middle earth seven hundred years ago (see the complete map shape of the British Isles) – an amazing feat for those times.
Well worth a visit –

Bungalow Town Property Map 1935

Bungalow Town 1935 Property Map, Shoreham by Sea (inc. 1901 properties and 1912 map)

A List of Property Names and Plot Numbers from the 1935 Map of Bungalow Town
(in numerical order and alphabetical order)

Whilst the map is noted in Shoreham Library as 1935, discrepancies with the 1935 Street Directory suggest this map may be of another year. Street directories for some of the years in the 1920’s and 30’s provide postal numbers and occupants within street as well as a few years where the alphabetical order of house names is also provided. This listing provides a property number list and an alphabetical list only in respect of the properties on the map will not always correspond with properties of an earlier or later year.

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