History of Shorehambysea.com

Shorehambysea.com was created as a free community website to promote everything going on in Shoreham and to generate discussion and collaboration online. This was back in 2004, way before the advent of Facebook. Over the years the most popular part of Shoreham’s website was the growing discussion forum – covering subjects such as events, history, town news and chat. The vibrant history forum was the springboard for the development of a dedicated History Portal containing history articles, research notes and galleries of history photographs. This expanded to include a comprehensive set of census records, registers and directories, plus the significant collection of photographs from the Marlipins Museum – scanned, catalogued and displayed online for the first time. Private photographic collections were also published in the Shorehambysea.com galleries. The driving force behind the portal was local historian Roger Bateman. He researched and authored the majority of history articles now on the site – amounting to over 400 subjects.

Forums archive from 2004-2023

Below is a snapshot archive of the old SBS forums.  Click to access the archive. This won’t display deep level threads, nor images.

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