Sussex Pad

Sussex Pad

Just love the questions that old photos ask. The lower one is noted as circa 1903 – the top one is undated but despite it showing the building in a more dilapidated state it, and the lady’s style of dress, seems to indicate an older image perhaps and therefore a refurbished rendering in the lower image?
The cyclists advert suggests a landlord then (circa 1903) of Harry Jas (James) Burt (rather than what looks like Harry Jasbury) but with a small poster just above it appearing to include perhaps the words ‘New Management.’ The changing management theme is further indicated by the name ‘F.Smart’ appearing to have been recently added to the pub sign.
There is also a signpost pointing south indicating I guess the carriage works but why also Brigden at 187 Western Road when there were obviously others in that road? Someone with access to a Lancing directory of the period will have the answers

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  1. I remember my Aunt telling that after the Sussex pad burned down the foundations of a Roman Villa were found.
    Can anyone confirm this?
    David Stamp

    1. I haven’t heard this before David but only know of a small Roman temple further up the hill near the Clump. Perhaps someone else knows of it? 

  2. The name Harry Jas Burt refers to the auctioneer at Steyning Market. The lower half of the advert board consists of  3 adverts for auction sales  organised by him. One is for the annual horse sale held at Steyning . At that time it was probably held at Newham Farm halfway up Newham Lane.

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