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  1. Hi do you have any more photos of this area my dad use to live in Albion cottages that was there but can’t find any other photos regards sam

    1. Thanks for your enquiry Sam – I see your Dad Peter was living at number 9 Albion Cottages in 1964. I’ve never seen a photo of Albion Cottages – partly because it was too narrow for the camera to get a decent shot I suspect. We do though have a nearby panoramic view we have put together of the Brighton Road/New Road but can’t attach it here. We do though have a close-up of the south end of Albion Cottages next to the Albion Stores – image no. MN15 https://www.shorehambysea.com/norman-gallery-1/ – as a no-through street he must have used this approach and known this view very well. Hope that helps.

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