1913 storm damaged bungalows

A successful bid for a set of 1913 storm-damaged bungalows on the beach provided a bit of a challenge as none of the bungalows in them were identified. An extensive trawl through our collections eventually matched them all and even managed to identify a long standing mystery bungalow that by coincidence stood close by!
You’ll see what we mean:- http://www.shorehambysea.com/catty-brown-and-framnaes/

Regular contributor Lofty adds:

Hello Nelson,

In the Catty Norman & Framnaes article, reference is made to a bungalow named Silver Sea which, as you say, is topped by a distinctive looking belvedere.  I have had a postcard in my collection for a number of years now with a similar looking mystery bungalow that I have been unable to identify.   Comparing this to your illustrations of Silver Sea, it is similar but I don’t think that this is it.
So the question is …………… any ideas ?

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!
Good old Howard Porter, Bungalow Town historian has found it.
Don’t think there’s much doubt it is the same one – my money’s on it being St. Thomas More bungalow as the number of properties from west to east on that road match and that looks to be the footprint that best matches St.TM.

…. and another we’ve got (and I had forgotten about!)