OS Maps

A collection of high quality scan maps. Click to expand and then zoom in your web-browswr.


OS LXV.5 1st Edition 1879
OS LXV.09 2nd Edition 1898
OS LXV.10 2nd Edition 1898
OS LXV.5 3rd Edition 1912
OS LXV.06 3rd Edition 1912
OS LXV.09 3rd Edition 1912
OS LXV.10 3rd Edition 1912
OS LXV.10 4th Edition 1930
OS LXV.09 4th Edition 1931
OS LXV.5 4th Edition 1933
OS LXV.06 4th Edition 1937

Shoreham History Portal

Welcome to the Shoreham-by-Sea History Portal.

This website has been created to house the extensive collection of research articles, photographs and maps relating to the history of Shoreham-by-Sea Sussex.


A collection of historical articles and stories. Click the image to see recent

Photograph collections:

1000’s of photographs on all aspects of Shoreham history


A range of large format maps with zoom into detail.

Research Articles:

An extensive range of articles on most history subjects.

Census and directories:

Census, directories, parish records

The site is work in progress as we have a large collection that is being migrated onto the website.  Please do browse the menus at the top and bottom of each page.  Please contribute using the comments section on each post, or via the Forum.