Kelly’s Directory 1915 (Transcript)

(Transcript by Peter Weaver)

Kelly’s Directory of Sussex – 1915 page 577 onwards


SHOREHAM-BY-SEA is a seaport, situated at the mouth of the river Adur, and has a junction station of the Horsham branch with the coast line of the London, Brighton and South Coast railway, 56½ miles from London, 6 west from. Brighton, 22 east from Chichester, 5 east from Worthing, in the Mid division of the county, Fishergate hundred, Brighton county court district, rape of Bramber, Steyning petty sessional division and union and in the rural deanery of Hove, archdeaconry of Lewes and diocese of Chichester. Shoreham returned two members to Parliament from 1 Edward I. (1272), but under the provisions of the “Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885″ (48 & 49 Vict. c. 23); the representation was merged into that of the county. New Shoreham adopted the “Local Government Act, 1858” 6 Dec. 1865, when a Local Board was formed; but under the “Local Government Act, 1894” (56 and 57 Vict. C. 73) the town is now governed by an Urban District Council of 15 members.

By a Local Government Board Order No. 54,313, which came into operation October 1st, 1910, parts of Lancing and Old Shoreham were added to the Urban District, which was renamed Shoreham-by-Sea; the district comprises that town and Kingston-by-Sea, and has been divided into North, South, Marine and Kingston-by-Sea Wards.

The town is lighted with gas conveyed from Hove, and is supplied with water by the Brighton Corporation, from works at Old Shoreham, where there are two reservoirs, the higher one capable of holding 80,000 gallons and the lower 90,000. An elegant suspension bridge, carrying the road to Worthing over the river Adur, was erected in 1832 by the Duke of Norfolk. Old Shoreham, on the eastern bank of this river, once a place of some importance, is half a mile north of Shoreham-by-Sea.

Ella, the first king of the South Saxons, landed here to complete the conquest of England, and Charles II made his escape from Shoreham to Fecamp after the battle of Worcester. A battery (No. 12) is placed at the mouth of the river. By an Order dated August 9th, 1881, the limits of the port were defined as commencing at the eastern part of Rottingdean, being the western boundary of the port of Newhaven, and extending along the coast of Sussex in a westerly direction to the western part of Heene, that being the eastern boundary of the port of Littlehampton.

The trade of the port is chiefly in coals, corn, general cargo, timber and cement, and yacht building is also carried on.

In 1913 the total value of the imports was £58,776, the principal articles being sawn wood, £36,200. The exports amounted to only £3,920.

The number of sailing and steam vessels with cargoes and in ballast that arrived at the port from British Possessions and foreign countries was 94 of 18,269 tons; the number that departed being 99 of 17,104 tonnage.

In the general coasting trade 706 sailing and steam vessels entered with cargoes and in ballast of 127,214 tons and 684 cleared of 126,002 tonnage.

The number of sailing and steam vessels registered under Part I. of the “Merchant Shipping Act, 1894,” on Dec. 31, 1913, was 73 of 3,160 tons. Under Part IV. of the same Act, at the same date, 184 fishing boats were registered of 854 tonnage, requiring 397 men and boys to work them. Fishing boats and their implements are distinguished by the letters S. M.

The church of St. Mary the Virgin is part only of an ancient and beautiful cruciform structure of flint and stone, of which nearly the whole of the nave has been destroyed, but the existing portion is an extremely interesting example of Transitional Norman work, including a tower containing a clock, presented by the Rev. R. P. Hooper, and 8 bells: the eastern windows and others are stained, and there are brasses with effigies: the church was repaired in 1876, and in 1896 the tower was restored and 4 of the bells re-cast at a cost of upwards of £2,000, and in December, 1904, a new stone pulpit was provided: the church affords 600 sittings. The register dates from the year 1566. The living is a vicarage, re-united in 1897 to that of St. Nicholas, joint net yearly value £460, with residence, in the gift of Magdalen College, Oxford, and held since 1894 by the Rev. Charles Marsh Ainslie Tower M.A. of that college.

The church of St. Nicholas is of stone, being of Norman date, and it comprises a tower containing one bell: there is a brass to Capt. Richard Poole, 1652, and to Thomas, his son, 1652: the east window and others are stained, and there are screens of carved oak: the church was repaired in 1845, and affords 200 sittings. The register dates from the year 1723.

The Catholic Church, dedicated to St. Peter, is of flint with stone dressings, in the Gothic style of the 13th century, and was opened in 1875, at a total cost of about £5,000: there are 200 sittings; the Presbytery adjoining was completed in 1877.

There is a chapel for the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion, founded in 1800, with 300 sittings, a Baptist chapel, erected in 1870 and seating 350 persons, and Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist, Particular Baptist chapels and a Salvation Army Hall.

The Town hall, formerly the Custom House, was leased to the Local Board, now the Urban District Council, in 1890.

The Children’s Homes are in Ham road.

A cemetery of nearly 2 acres in extent was formed in 1887, at a cost of about £2,000, and is under the control of the Urban District Council, acting as the burial board.

The Duke of Norfolk K.G., G.C.V.O., P.C. is lord of the manor. Lieut. -Col. Harry Colvill Bridger is the principal landowner, and there are several small owners.

The area of Shoreham-by-Sea civil parish is 782 acres of land, 1 of water, 19 of tidal water and 97 of foreshore ; rateable value, £23,967; the population in 1911 was 4,562, including 175 inmates and 13 officials in Steyning Poor Law Institution Schools.

The area of Shoreham-on-Sea Urban District is 1,695 acres; rateable value, £31,192; the population in 1901 was 4,665, and in 1911, 5,731, viz. Shoreham-by-Sea, 4,562 and Kingston-by-Sea, 1,169.

The population of the ecclesiastical parishes in 1911 was: St. Nicholas, 769; St. Mary, 3,629.

The area of Old Shoreham civil parish is 1,382 acres of land and 21 of tidal water; rateable value, £1,852; the population in 1911 was 56.

Parish Clerk, Frederick Thomas Green.

Verger, George Standring.


Post, M. O., T. & Telephonic Express Delivery Office, High street, Shoreham-by-Sea (letters should have Sussex added).—Miss A. M. Wenban, sub-post-mistress. The deliveries commence at 7 & 11.15 a.m. & 4.45 & 7 p.m. callers only; Sundays, 7.15 a.m.; dispatched at 9 & 10.5 a.m. & 12.50, 2.40, 4.5, 5.15, 6.30, 7.30 & 9.30 p.m.; on Sundays the office is open from 8.30 to 10 a.m. ; there is only one dispatch, 8.30 p.m.


Post Office, Old Shoreham.—William Munnery, sub-postmaster. Letters through Shoreham-by-Sea, which is the nearest M. O. & T. office. Deliveries commence at 7.10 a.m. & 12.15 & 7.15 p.m.; Sundays, 7.25 a.m.; dispatched at 9.25 a.m. & 1.55 & 7.55 p.m.; on sundays, 9.40 a.m.

Wall Letter Boxes:—New road, cleared at 8 & 9.30 a.m. & 12.15, 3.45, 7 & 9 p.m. ; Sundays, 7.45 p.m.; Ham road, cleared at 8 & 9.30 a.m. & 12.15, 3.45, 7 & 9 p.m.; Sundays, 7.40 p.m.; Old Shoreham road, cleared at 8 & 9.30 a.m. & 12.15, 2, 3.30 & 8.5 p.m.; sundays, 7.30 p.m. ; . Southdown road, cleared at 7.45, 9.30 & 11.45 a.m. & 3.30, 7 & 9 p.m.; Sundays, 7.35 p.m


Offices, Town hall.

Meeting day, first Tuesday in the month, at 7 p.m.


Chairman, Arthur Bade.

Vice-Chairman, M. L. Cook.

North Ward.
Retire April.

Henry Hackett 1916

Charles Peak 1917

D. Saunders 1917

M. L. Cook……………..1918

Harris Wallis Tingley…1918

South Ward.

Albert Chapman 1916

Samuel Gregory-Taylor M.A ..1916

A. Burfoot 1917

Arthur Eade………….. 1918

W. P. Glazebrook……1918

Kingston-by-Sea Ward.

Henry Geo. Evershed ….1916

John Burfoot ………………..1917

E. M. Hill……………………….1918

Marine Ward.
J. B. Ryley :.. 1916

G. F. Courtney ……1917


Clerk, Harold Brown, Church street

Treasurer, James White, Capital & Counties Bank Ltd. Town hall

Medical Officer of Health, William James Butcher M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Delgany, Heene road, Worthing

Surveyor & Inspector of Nuisances, Albert William Nye M.S.A. Town hall, Shoreham

Collector, Charles Edward Butler, Normanhurst, Buckingham road, Shoreham


Under joint authority of the Corporations of Brighton & Hove, the Portslade-by-Sea Urban District Council & Southwick Urban District Council, the Shoreham

Urban District Council & the Steyning West Rural District Council

Meets at the Town Hall, Hove, on Thursday at 3 p.m. about once a quarter.

Clerk, Cranfleld Baguley, Harbour offices, Southwick

Medical Officer of Health, Frederick Garden Brodie M.B., B.S.. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.S.A. 27 East street, Shoreham

Inspector of Nuisances, A. Brazier, 32 Albert road, Southwick


There are 17 Harbour Trustees elected triennially by the Corporations of Brighton & Worthing, the Shoreham Urban District Council, the Steyning Justices, the Shipowners & Traders of the Port of Shoreham & the Debenture Holders

Offices, Albion street, Southwick

Chairman, Robert A. Penney, 82 Queen’s road, Brighton

Clerk, Cranfleld Baguley, Tyneside, South Down road

Harbour Master, Alfred J. Catt, 26 Adur ter. Southwick

Collector of Harbour Dues & Tolls, C. F. Deslandes, Custom house, Kingston-by-Sea


Cemetery, South Down road, Harold Brown, clerk to the burial board; Harry Sampson, keeper

County Police Station, Brunswick road, Albert White, inspector, & 5 constables

Norfolk Bridge, Augustus Walter Burston, toll collector

Old Shoreham. Bridge, George Bartlett, toll collector

Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners’ Royal Benevolent Society; Hon. Representatives, R. H. Penney & Sons, 82 Queen’s road, Brighton

Stamp Office, High st. Miss A. M. Wenban, distributor

Steyning Union Offices, Ham road, Arthur Flowers, clerk to the Guardians

Steyning Union Children’s Homes, Ham road, W. E. Till, supt.; Mrs. A. M. Till, matron; Frederic Henry Allfrey M.A., M.B., B.C.Camb. medical officer

Town Hall, High street, Harold Brown, clerk


Vice-Consul for Denmark, Portugal & Norway, Harold Brown, Church street

Agent to Lloyd’s, Harold Brown, Church street.

Admiralty Surgeon for Kingston-by-Sea & Southwick & Medical Officer of Health to the Port Sanitary Authority, Frederick Garden Brodie M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. L.S.A. 27 East street

Assessor & Collector of Income Tax, Rupert C. Isted, The Green, Southwick

Assistant Overseer & District & Poor Rate Collector, Charles Edward Butler, Normanhurst, Buckingham road; office at Town hall

Clerk to the Guardians of Steyning Union, Arthur Flowers, Union offices, Ham Road

Clerk to Shoreham-by-Sea & Southwick Sub-Committee of West Sussex Local Pension Committee, J. Edward Dell, Town hall, Albion street, Southwick

District Surveyor & Inspector of Nuisances to the Steyning West Rural District Council, Frederick Slaughter, High street, Steyning

Preventive Officer, Joseph Potts, The Green, Brooklyn, Southwick, Brighton

Registrar of Births & Deaths & Vaccination Officer for Shoreham Sub-District & Collector for the Guardians, Western district, Steyning Union, Lionel Estall Sears, Glastonbury, Gordon road

Registrar of Marriages for Steyning Registration District, Assistant Clerk to Guardians of Steyning Union, Collector of Poor Rates for Preston Rural Parish, Assistant Overseer & Clerk to the Parish Council for Sompting Parish, Harry Gilbert Gravett, Union offices, Ham road

Relieving Officer, No. 2 District, Steyning Union, James W. Darkins, 1 Buckingham road

Superintendent Registrar of Steyning District, Arthur Flowers, Union offices, Ham road; deputy, William Ransom Wenban, Rayleigh house, High street

PLACES OF WORSHIP, with times of Services.

St. Mary’s Church, Shoreham-by-Sea, Rev. Chas. Marsh Ainslie Tower M.A. vicar; Rev. Wm. Stephen Andrews M.A. curate; 8 & 11 a.m. & 2.45 & 6.30 p.m.; daily, except fri..8 a.m. & 5.30 p.m.; fri. 8 a.m.; litany, 12 noon & 7.30 p.m

St. Nicholas Church, Shoreham-by-Sea, Rev. Charles Marsh Ainslie Tower M.A. vicar; Rev. Alfred Hambleton Liley, curate; 8 & 11 a.m. & 7 p.m

St. Peter’s, Catholic, Rev. Frederick John Flanagan D.D. priest; 8.30 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 7.45 a.m.; holy days, mass, 9 a.m

Baptist; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m

Baptist (Particular), John street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; tues. 7.15 p.m

Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion, Buckingham road, Rev. Egbert Gregory; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; thurs, 7.30 p.m.

Plymouth Brethren, Middle street; 6.30 p.m

Primitive Methodist, High street (Worthing & Shoreham Circuit), Rev. George Wood (supt.) & Rev. Thomas G. Dyke (supernumerary) ;11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.

Wesleyan Methodist (Worthing Circuit), Brunswick road, Rev. J. Gillson Gill; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. tues


Public Elementary, Swiss gardens (upper mixed), opened in 1915, for 300 senior children; Oswald Ball, master

Public Elementary, Ham road (junior mixed & infants), erected in 1875 & enlarged in 1896 & 1907, for 400 children; Miss Louisa Barford, mistress; Miss Edith Mary Steer, infants’ mistress

These schools are controlled by six managers; Ernest Harper Kempe, solicitor, Meadowcroft, correspondent

Public Elementary, Upper Shoreham road, built in 1913, for 104 children; Miss A. A. Gregory, mistress

The school is controlled by six managers; C. J. Clarke, 8 Buckingham gardens, correspondent

St. Peter’s, Catholic, North street, erected in 1875 by the Duchess Dowager of Norfolk, for 120 children: in charge of the Sisters of Mercy

Railway Station, Joseph H. Eager, station master

Conveyance to Brighton.—Motor omnibus

Carriers pass through Shoreham-by-Sea to & from Brighton, Worthing & Steyning, two or three times a week. Charles Marsh, to Brighton, daily, leaving West street, Shoreham-by-Sea, at 9.30 a.m.; returning from the Unicorn yard, North street, Brighton, at 5 p.m.; Charles George Patching, leaves Shoreham-by-Sea daily, 9.30 a.m.; returns from Unicorn, North street, Brighton, at 7 p.m.; & Thomas W. Streeter, from 123 High street, to Brighton & Worthing, daily


Adams Henry, Mill House Mill Lane
Andrews Rev. William Stephen M.A. (curate), 2 Southdown Road
Asals Miss, 13 Southdown Road
Ayling Ernest, Glenthorpe, Gordon Road
Ayling Horace Frederick, Chatworth, Rosslyn Road
Baguley Cranfield, Tyneside, Southdown Road
Baldwin Ambrose, Southdale, Raven’s Road
Bateman Miss, 3 Southdown Road
Bridger Lieut.-Col. Harry Colvill, Adur Lodge
Brodie Frederick Garden M.B., B.S. 27 East Street
Brown Ellman, Wellington lodge, Buckingham Road
Brown Harold, Harwood, Mill Lane
Buchan Charles Victor, Durbanville, Southdown Road
Butler Charles Edward, Normanhurst, Buckingham, Road
Campbell James, 35 John Street
Challen Geo. B. Elmcroft, Rosslyn Road
Chubb Aiistin, Southdown Road
Cobby Mrs. Hylands, Rosslyn Road
Cook Morton Louis, Campsie
Curd Wm. Wanganui, Rosslyn Road
D’Antonio Madam A. E. St. Omer Southdown Road
Davey Mrs. 7 Southdown Road
Davies Thos. The Firs Buckingham Road
Davies Wilfred L. Grammer School
Dell John Edwd. Weppons, Raven’s Road
Dell Mrs. Erringham lodge, Buckingham Road
Dell Richard Barnett J.P. Ravens-croft, Raven’s Road
Dyke Rev. Thomas G. (Primitive Methodist), Ivy Villa Gordon Road
Eade Arthur F. W. York Lodge Southdown Road
Eade Walter J. Trevose, Raven’s Road
Evershed Hy. Geo. Friar’s Ct New Road
Flanagan Rev. Frederick John D.D (Catholic), Presbytery, John Street
Gammans Jn. Wm.Cecil lo. Girdon Road
Gates Ernest Digby, Blair Athol Southdown Road
Gates Mrs. 8 Southdown Road
Gates Thomas I’Anson, Rutlands, Southdown Road
Gates Miss, Adur house, New Road
Gill Rev. J. Gillson (Wesleyan), Norman Lodge Southdown Road
Glazebrook Gregory, Maythorpe, Southdown Road
Goldsmith John James, 10 Rosslyn Road
Goodale Miss, 31 John Street
Gregory Rev.Egbert (Congregational). The Manse Gordon Road
Gregory-Taylor S.,M.A. Grammer School
Hackett Henry, 12 Southdown Road
Hackett James E Rosslyn Road
Haig-Brown Alan Roderick B.A. Statton Cottage 1
Harker Geo.JMk. The Elms Southdown Road
Harmsworth Edward Richard J.P. 4 Buckingham gardens
Harper Sidney, Elm lodge, Buckingham Road
Harrison Brooking A.W. 21 Victoria Road
Head B. George, Laguna, New Road
Holloway Albert George, Avondale, Rosslyn Road
Holloway Frederick James, Holmsley
Hooper Rev. Robert Poole M.A. The Cottage Church Lane
Hooper Miss, Clarmont, Southdown Road
James Noel, 25 Church Street
Kempe Ernest Harper, Meadowcroff, Buckingham Road
Kempe Mrs. Trewithian, Southdown Road
Kinloch Wm. Anderson M.B. John Street
Lewis William Kent, 12 Western Road
Liley Rev. Rev. Alfred Hambleton (curate), 32 Gordon Road
Little Wm. Godson Bucking House
Milligan George, The Gables, Southdown Road
Murray Rev. John Campbell B.A. (curate in charge of the Church of The Good Shepherd, Bungalow Town, & chaplain to the Steyning – union), Marina, New Road
Nye Albert Wm. The Gables Mill Lane
Osborne Miss, 29 East Street
Palmer Reginald, Tresco, Raven’s Road
Peachey Mrs. Dunedin, Raven’s Road
Poole Edward Horatio, 8 Rosslyn Road
Purse Robert, 57 New Road
Reeks Mrs. 1 Southdown Road
Richards Saml. William, John Street
Sandwith Miss, 7 Rosslyn Road
Smith Herbt. W. Grammar School House
Smith William John, Hazelwood. Rosslyn Road
Stead John Christopher, Woodville. Raven’s Road
Steward Mrs. Dunraven, Raven’s Road
Stoneham Mrs. Oxford Lodge
Stow Thomas, 4 Southdown Road
Strivens George H Hazelcroft, Erringham Road
Tanner Walt.Jn. St.Mary’s Ho East Street
Thome F. W. Uplands, Mill Hill
Thorowgood Frederick D. Athol house, New Road
Tingley Harry Wallis Ingleside, Buckingham Road
Tower Rev. Charles Marsh Ainslie M.A. (vicar)
Vivian Henry Arthur, 33 John Street
Wenban Wiliam Ransom, Raleigh. house, High Street
Williams George R. O. Red House
Wootten Frederick 11 Southdown Road
Young Robert John, 5 Rosslyn Road
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Adams & Sons, tailors, 9 High Street
Adams Alfred, dairyman, Victoria Road
Adams Jas. Thos. insurance agt. Osmunda, Gordon Road
Adams William, 46 High Street
Allen William T. shopkeeper, 2 Ship Street
Ansell Thomas, dairyman, 116 High Street
Arnold John, photographer, Brunswick Road
Atherfold Abraham,customs officer, Glen Rosa Gordon Road
Austin George,master mariner,! 1 Humphreys Vills New Road
Avis Thomas, butcher, New Road
Ayling Henry & Sons, grocers, 54 High Street
Ayres Robert John, tobacconist, 23 Brunswick Road
Baguley Cranfield, clerk, to the Shoreham Harbour Trustees & Port Sanitary Tyneside, Southdown Road
Bailey Sydney, Royal Soveriegn P.H. Middle Street
Baker Archibald John, auctioneer, see Havinden & Baker Barclay & Company Limited (Brighton Union Bank) (branch) (Arthur Flowers, agent, 28 High street); draw on head office, 54 Lombard street, London E C 28 High Street
Barnes Frederick Alfred, plumber, Sussex House New Road
Bartlett George, toll collector, Old Shoreham Bridge
Batchelor Frederick N. taxi-cab propr. 7 Western Road
Bennett Horace Hugh, boot maker, 1 Church Street
Bijou Electric Empire, High Street
Bish Frank H. beer retailer, High Street
Blakeley E. & Co. drapers, 7 & 9 East Street
Board of Trade (Unemployment Insurance) Local Office of the Unemployment Fund (H. Brown, agent ) East Street
Boniface John, com. travllr. Sunny Deane Gordon Road
Bowley William ‘George, tailor, Polsue, Victoria Road
Brighton Corporation Water Works {J. J. Frampton, collector), Church Street Works: Old Shoreham
Brighton Equitable Co-operative Society Ltd. 68 High Street
Brockhurst Edwin H. insurance agent, 10 Alexandra Terrace Gordon Road
Brodie & Simmonds, surgeons, 27 East Street
Brodie Frederick Garden M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S.,L.R.C.P.,L.S.A. surgeon, & admiralty surgeon & medical officer of health to the Port Sanitary Authority, 27 East Street
Brooker George Hy. painter,plumber & glazier, Church Street
Brooker Thomas Mitchell, blacksmith, 93a High Street
Brown John & Son, ship brokers, vice-consuls & Lloyd’s agents, Church street & coal merchants; stores, Royal George Wharf
Brown Ellman (Messrs.), auctioneers & land, house & estate agents, 18 East Street
Brown Harold, clerk to the Urban District Council, & Norwegian, Danish & acting Portuguese vice-consul, Lloyd’s agent & insurance agent Church Street
Burfoot John, market gardener, 29 Gordon Road
Burston Augustus Walter, toll collector, Norfolk Bridge
Burtenshaw William & Son, blacksmiths, 71 High Street
Bushby George William, butcher, 92 High Street
Bushby Thomas S Royal George Hotel, 57 High Street
Butcher William & Co. bakers, 52 High Street
Butler Charles Edward, assistant overseer & district & poor rate collector Town Hall High Street
Capital & Counties Bank Limited (branch) (Edward Tucker, manager), Town hall, High street; draw on head office, 39 Threadneedle street, London E C Town Hall High Street
Carpenter Ernest, boot maker, 19 Surry Street
Carpenter Ernest, Hebe Tavern Victoria Road
Carpenter Ernest Hy. boot maker, Glenville, Gordon Road
Cartwright R. W. & Co. photographers, High Street
Cemetery (Harold Brown, clerk to the Burial Board; Harry Sampson, keeper), South Down road Southdown Road
Channel Laundry; receiving- office, 40 Brunswick Road
Chapman Albert, Surry Arms PH New Road
Chapman Alfred Burton, master of the poor law institution
Cheesman Charles G. builder, Penshurst, Gordon Road
Cheesman Frank (Mrs.), fancy draper, 42 Brunswick Road
Chubb & Co. Limited, timber merchants, New Road
Clark William, Swiss Cottage Inn Old Shoreham Road
Clement William, shopkeeper, 74 High Street
Coffin George H. baker, 21 Brunswick Road
Colbourne William Frederick, butcher, 25 High Street
Coleman Samuel S. dairyman, Old Shoreham Road
Comber Tom & Sons, saddlers, 5 East Street
Combes Albert, insur. agent, 1 Denmark Terrace Gordon Road
Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, West Street
Cornwall John, butcher, 27 Brunswick Road
Cotman Wilblam, beer retailer, 2 East Street
County Police Station (Albert White, inspector), Brunswick Road
Cripps Frederick William, beer retailer, 38 High Street
Cuddington Alfred, market gardener, New Road
Cuddington Alice M. (Mrs.), apartments, Buckingham Road
Curd Ernest Harry, builder, Brooklyn, Rosslyn Road
Curd William, carpenter, High Street
Danish Vice-Consulate (Harold Brown, vice-consul), Church Street
Darkins James W. relieving officer No. 2 district, Steyniing union, 1 Buckingham Road
Daubeney William, Ferry Arms East Street
Dell John Edward, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, Weppons, Raven’s Road
Denyer Jacob, master mariner, 58 New Road
Dible George, assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co. Limited, Clematis Villa Gordon Road
Dicks James, chimney sweeper, Ham Road
Dodd William & Sons, blacksmiths, Victoria Road
Dyer Albert Ernest, fried fish dealer, John Street
Eade Arthur & Son, grocers, 33 Brunswick Road
Eade Arthur & Son, grocers, 6 & 8 John Street & New Road
Eade Walter Neal, grocer, 65 High Street
Eastland Minnie (Miss), dress maker, 2 New Road
English William Woolgar, sail maker, West Street
Farley W. R. & Sons, taxi-cab proprietors, High Street
Farley Walter R. butcher, 40 High Street
Farrow’s Bank Limited (branch), 4 High street; draw on: head office, 1 & 2 Cheapside, London E C 4 High Street
Fisher J. & Sons, army accoutrement makers, Dolphin Chambers High Street
Fisher Henry G. boot maker, 10 High Street
Flint Brothers, cycle makers, Buckingham Road
Flowers Arthur, agent to Barclay & Company Limited (Brighton Union Bank) 28 High Street
Flowers Arthur, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, clerk to the guardians & assessment committee of Steyning union & to Steyning West & Steyning East-Rural District Councils & supt. registrar of Steyning district, Union Offices Ham Road
Fowler Edward Russell, engineers’ draughtsman, East Lynne, Rosslyn Road
Francis Valentine, shopkeeper, Old Shoreham Road
Frazer Thos.Wm.upholsterer Alexander Ter Gordon Road
Fuller Alfred, butcher, 80 High Street
Gammans Charles Robert, brick maker, sand & beach merchant & steam haulage contractor, Gordon Road & at South Lancing
Gammans Ernest, insurance agent, 22 Queen’s Place
Gammans Harry, ordinary branch supt. Wesleyan & General Assurance Society, Nutworth, Rosslyn Road
Gammans John William, furniture remover, cartage contractor & general carrier; also sand & beach merchant ; Removals town or country, Gordon road Gordon Road
Gasson Herbert Arthur, dairyman, East Street
Gates William Ambrose & Son, builders, 36 High Street
Gates Ernest Digiby, solicitor Blair Athol Southdown Road
Gibbs George, supt. Wesley?m & General Assurance Society, 29 John Street
Glasspool Herbert George, chemist, 29 High Street
Glazebrook William Pompey, Bridge hotel, High Street
Goldsmith Robert William, 64 High Street
Gravett Harry Gilbert, assistant clerk to guardians, Steyning union, registrar of marriages for Steyning registration district, collector of poor rates for Preston Rural parish & assistant overseer & clerk to Parish Council for Sompting parish, Steyning Union offices, Ham Road res: Inversaid, Western Rd.
Green Arthur Wellesley, laundry, 94 High Street
Greenyer Winifred (Miss),dress ma. Amberlees Rosslyn Road
Hardacre Amelia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 77 New Road
Harker William Hy. ironmonger, High Street & West Street
Harrison Brooking A. W. artist, 21 Victoria Road
Hart Georg’e, greengrocer, 12 Brunswick Road
Haslett Benjamin, Kings Head P.H. 101 High Street
Hatcher Walter, pilot, Brookyn Cottager New Road
Havinden & Baker, auctioneers, Dolphin Chambers High Street
Hedgecock George, boot & shoe maker, 12 & 14 East Street
Hedgecock Susannah B. (Miss), fancy repos. 6 East Street
Heier Charles W. hair dresser, 70 High Street
Hellier Jn. Gabriel, boot ma. 1 Southdown Ter Gordon Road
Hide Henry John, dairyman, Brunswick Road
Higham Maud (Mrs.), confectioner, 2 & 82 High Street
Hoad Walter Ernest, confectioner, 43 High Street
Holloway J. W. & Sons, millwrights & engineers, boiler makers & smiths; agents for all kinds of agricultural & other machinery at makers’ prices, motor car & motor cycle makers, repairers & agents, & garage, Lower Road & at Charlton street & Market place, Steyning
Hopkins David, boarding house, 40 & 42 New Road
Hopkins Henry, tobacconist, Brighton Road
Howell W. & Sons, Crown & Anchor Hotel High Street
Hygate Peter, painter, Church Street
International Tea Company’s Stores Limited, High Street
James William, tobacconist, 12 High Street
Kinloch, Prentis & Thompson, physicians & surgeons, John Street
Kinloch William Anderson M.B., C.M.Aberd. physician & surgeon, & medical officer to No. 3 district & public vaccinator No. 4 district, Steyning union, John Street
Lawrence George J. hair dresser, 14 Brunswick Road
Leazell Albert, baker, 61 West Street
Le Hartil Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 8 North View Cottages Ham Road
Lindfield George, boot maker, 36 West Street
Lloyd’s Agency Offices (Harold Brown, agent), Church Street
Lloyd John, carrier, 18 & 20 New Road
London County & Westminster Bank Limited (sub-branch to Worthing) (H. B. Constable, manager); open tuesdays & fridays 11 to 2.30, Dolphin chambers, High street; head office, 41 Lothbury, London E C. See advertisement page 1 Dolphin chambers, High Street
Longstaff John, engineer, 8 Victoria Road
Lucking Harry Claude, outfitter, 31 High Street
Maple Arthur, builder, Victoria Road
Maple Jezzard, confectioner, 95 High Street
Marsh Charles, carrier, 31 West Street
Marsh Henry, shopkeeper, 32 High Street
Matthews Edwin, Refreshment Rooms, 29 Brunswick Road
Maynard Frederick Oreo, house decorator, 1 Victoria Road
Mederson Frederick Geo. ironmonger, 24 Brunswick Road
Mederson Harry, commission agent Montford Rosslyn Road
Mills James, hair dresser, 112 High Street
Mobsby John Henry, greengrocer, 48 High Street
Morphew Ernest, beer retailer, New Road
Mount Edward, farmer, Buckingham Farm
Nicholl Dinah (Miss), shopkeeper, Western Road
Norman Percy A. farmer
Norwegian Vice-Consulate (Harold Brown, rice-consul), Church Street
Nye Albert William M.S.A. architect & town surveyor & inspector of nuisances, Town Hall
Page William & Co. photographers, 35 East Street
Paine Henry, ironmonger, High Street
Palmer Alice Anne (Mrs.), Burrell Hotel Brunswick Road
Paris Albert, corn dealer, 18 East Street
Parker David, inspector to the L.B.& S.C. Railway Gothic Cottage Old Shoreham Road
Parsons F. & Sons, sand merchants, 41 Ham Road
Parsons Thomas, sand merchant, 2 Surry Street
Patching Charles George, carman, Minerva, Gordon Road
Patching James William, grocer, 78 High Street
Payne Albert E. sign writer, 3 Rosslyn Road
Payne Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 29 Surry Street
Payne Harry Oswald, boot maker, 50 High Street
Payne Lily Alberta (Miss), dress maker, 5 Southdown Terrace Gordon Road
Peacock Wm. Egbt. master mariner. 5 Buckingham gardens
Peak Charles, fruit grower, South Down Nursery Southdown Road
Pennifold Albert Victor, inspector (Brighton Gas Co.) for Portslade, Southwick, Shoreham, Kingston-by-Sea & Lancing, 9 Buckingham Road
Perham Henry, shopkeeper
Petersfield Laundry ; receiving office, High Street
Piper Percival Edgar, draper, 62 High Street
Poole Edward Horatio, accountant, 8 Rosslyn Road
Portuguese Vice-Consulate (Harold Brown, acting vice-consul), Church Street
Post Office Telephone Exchange Church Street
Price William Henry, dentist, Queen’s Place
Pullen John, coal dealer, Ham Road
Puttock Emily (Miss), confectioner, 31 Brunswick Road
Rabson Mary Eleanor (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 114 High Street
Ramsay Robert, pilot, Larpool, Gordon Road
Randall F. W. boot & shoe maker, 58 High Street
Rapley George, gardener to Richard Barnett Dell esq. 1 Queen’s Place
Reeves E. J. & Co. wholesale grocers, Old Shoreham Road
Ridley Mary Ann (Mrs.), Morning Star P.H. Ham Road
Robins E & Son Ltd. wine & spirit mers. 19 East Street
Rossetter John, chimney sweeper, 5 Albion Cottages Ham Road
Rowe Frank, stationer, 18 High Street & 32 Brunswick Road
Royal National Life Boat Institution (F. O. Reeves, coxswain)
St Joseph’s Convent Longcroft, Southdown Road
Saunders James, master mariner, 6 Brunswick Road
Sawyer Albert, saddler & harness maker, Church Street
Sawyers John, fishmonger, 23 High Street
Sayers & Son, tailors, 20 High Street
Seagers Elijah, insurance agent, 8 Buckingham Road
Sears Lionel Estall, registrar of births & deaths & vaccination officer for Shoreham sub-district & collector for the guardians Western district, Steyriing union, Glastonbury Gordon Road
Shepherd Frank, Red Lion P.H.
Shoreham & District Laundry & Dry Cleaning Works, 18 Brunswick Road
Shoreham & District Mutual Building Society (Ellman Brown, sec.), 18 East Street
Shoreham Football Club (J. W. Darkins, sec.), 1 Buckingham Road
Shoreham Grammar School (S. Gregory-Taylor M.A. principal; Staff: S. W. Richards B.Sc. Herbert W. Smith, Wilfred L. Davies, D. W. Downes, H. C. Holloway, E. Baton (modern languages), B. Marriott (art), J. Jones (shorthand & typewriting); music, W. A. B. Bussell Mus.Bac. A. Yardley A.B.C.O. Miss F. Pitchford L.R.A.M. & Miss L. F. Bowler L.R.A.M.; junior school, Miss D. Owen B.A. Miss M. I. Elliott & Miss L. H. Roger)
Simmons Harriet (Miss), 33 East Street
Slaughter Edwin & Son, fruiterers & greengrocers, 103 High Street
Smart Harry & Co. boot makers, 30 Church Street
Smart Frank, dairy, Buckingham Road
Smart George, coal dealer, Free Wharf
Smith Albert E. draper, 44 High Street
Snelling William, butcher, 11 High Street
Snook Alfred, confectioner, 86 High Street
Stamp Offfice (Miss A. M. Wenban, distributor), High Street
Stallabrass & Co. working jewellers, 26 High Street
Standring George, verger of Shoreham-by-Sea, 2 Buckingham gardens
Star Electric Picture Palace Church Street
Starkey Albert, watch maker, 38 Brunswick Road
Steyning Union Children’s Homes (W. E. Till, supt.; Mrs. A. M. Till, matron), Ham Road
Stow Thomas & Son, yacht builders, Lower Road
Street Albert E. confectioner, 20 Brunswick Road
Streeter Thomas William, carrier, 123 High Street
Sussex Permanent Building Society (Horton Ledger, sec.), 4 High Street
Suter Francis, yacht builder, 83 & 93 High Street
Swift William Edward, head gardener to W.G.Little esq
Tabor James Aiigell, shopkeeper, 66 High Street
Tanner Walter John M.A. solicitor & commissioner for oaths, St Mary’s Hoouse East Street
Tapner Frederick W. shopkeeper, New Road
Tarred Granites Limited, contractors, New Road
Taylor Frederick H. antique dealer, 41 High Street
Thomas Harry Edmund Graham, Star PH 16 High Street
Thomson Arthur, hair dresser, 17 High Street
Thomson John, grocer, 21 East Street
Tingley Alfred, engineer of waterworks, Old Shoreham
Tingley Harry Wallis, builder, Ingleside, Buckingham Road
Tinslay George & Son, blacksmiths, Lower Road
Tower Mary (Miss), ladies’ school, Oxford Lodge Southdown Road
Town Hall (Harold Brown, clerk), High Street
Tullett James, beer retailer, John Street
Turner Geo. Philip, commercial trav. 1 Rosslyn Road
Turner William Douglas, tailor, 30 New Road
Turrell Frank & Son, florists, 34 High Street
Upton Henry, fried fish dealer, 30 Surry Street
Vine John A. G. refreshment rooms, 59 High Street
Webb Alexander, plumber, 11 John Street
Wells John, smith, High Street
Wenban A. M. (Miss), sub-postmistress, stamp distributor. & stamp office, High Street
Wenban William Ransom, deputy supt. registrar of Steynins; district, Raleigh House High Street
Wesleyan & General Assurance Society (George Gibbs, supt.), 29 John Street
West Edwin, hair dresser, 39 High Street
Whitmell Herbert, Dinning Rooms East Street
Whitmell John Judkins, grocer, 60 & 62 New Road
Wickens Victor E. greengrocer, 36 Brunswick Road
Willett Arthur, carpenter, John Street
Willett William, builder, Western Road
Wills William Howard, farmer, Old Shoreham
Wimble James, Buckingham Arms Brunswick Road
Winter Alfred, boot maker, 30 High Street
Winton A. & Son. coal merchants, 33 Queen’s Place
Winton William Edward & Sons, printers. High Street
Winton Miry (Mis?), dress maker, Church Street
Winton William, jun. stationer, 14 High Street
Wood Frederick, carman, 72 High Street & John Street
Woolmore Harriet Esther (Mrs.), tobacconist, 84 High Street
Woolver Ada (Miss), dress maker, 8 Queen’s Place
Young John Arthur, confectioner, 83 High Street
Young William James, confectioner, Old Shoreham Road