Steam Paddle Tugs

Researcher Ken Wilcox’s brief but important notes on Shoreham’s paddle tugs are a relevant addition to the town’s history records that may otherwise have been completely overlooked. This website documents many of the ships built and used in Shoreham but very little on the paddle tug workhorses that during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries busily assisted those sailing ships in and out of the harbour and even, on occasions, towing our oar-propelled lifeboats to the aid of  ships in distress.

Mistletoe: Image No. 01.3155 Sussex Archaeological Society Marlipins Collection
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Shoreham Follies Programme 1931

1931 Shoreham Follies Revue Programme

St.Mary’s Hall, February 1931

 Photocopies of this programme, a chorus line photo, a ‘Modern Players’ programme of 1938 and a Shoreham Herald newspaper of Friday June 21st 1946 were donated by ex. Shoreham girl Sue Waterfield of 1, Church Park Road, Yealmpton, Devon. Sue is the daughter of James (Jimmy) Barker who features in the newspaper and in the programmes/photo.

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