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  1. i always regarded the Dove Cote at the rear of Buckingham Farm as part of that property
    and the nearby area, was the locality of the Dew Pond…just between Downsway, and Chanctonbury Drive… As a boy I weeded a field of carrots, for Farmer Nye, on a location
    known as Black Patch…long before the houses were built. I worked Summer Holidays
    thinning and weeding crops about 1947/48 .Sixpence a morning.

    1. You have some lovely memories of the area Gerry – if only the planners had had the foresight to save the central farm buildings as well, in the same way as they have at Old Shoreham farm. As soon as we can set up the photo templates we’ll be including a lot more of Buckingham Farm.

      1. i am the grandson of lewis victor nye. my mother and grandfather visited uncle bert in the 1960’s and i have pictures of them visiting this house.

  2. Were your Nyes related to the Nyes (particularly Marjorie Nye) that took part in the amateur theatrical shows during the 1920’s and 30’s in Shoreham, Viv? If so we’d love to learn more of them and Albert during his time at Little Buckingham.

    1. marjorie and her daughter used to visit us in america. they sold the place and her daughter said they did quite well.

  3. The NYE family mentioned were you related to Bob Nye of North Road Old Village Portslade? He was the best man for my sisters wedding……….to Richard Bragg of North Road.

  4. i am the grandson of lewis victor nye. alberts brother. my mother visitied little buckingham around 1960 when lewis was still alive. i have pictures of the visit. douglas nye, another brother of albert, owned a ranch in stinson beach, calif. 1700 acres that lewis managed for over 10 years before they just got too old to run it and a flood ruined several of the farm buildings. its a national park now. i’m working on the nye history and would like any info and contacts my cousins have. we have a lot of info on the south african part of this family but not much on the british side. also, the strivens side of the family. alberts mother bessie strivens. i have info on albert’s sister sybil who lived in the nye house in mill valley, ca. pondtender@gmail.com

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