Map Project briefing for volunteers:


Each of the galleries will be allocated to you so we don’t over-lap. You’ll find the galleries in the menu under Photos. You’ll also see the Marlipins/SAS catalogue.

This is what the public facing map will look like:

And here is the link to the Galleries.

Criteria for not adding photos to map:

Location not identifiable
Interior scenes
Many images of the same view – Churches, Bridges ect. Select those that are unique or historically significant
Ships at sea or docked
Group of people rather than location

NB If it is a location that you don’t recognise, create the pin and place it in the sea! We can then go through all unidentified pins and try and place them later.

Also if you can, add the description.

Also choose a succinct title to differentiate from others – rather than location.

I am no longer using the big blue M icon to denote multiple images under one button. I am now suggesting we append the title with a small “m” to denote multiple images.