Bungalow Town Properties 1901 & Lancing Beach 1912-1914

1901 and 1912 to 1914 Properties on the Beach (from Census Returns)

Bungalow Town was then under the control of Lancing Council – no road names are mentioned. The bungalow details are listed in the same order as shown in the census and from the names of some of the properties that survived to the 1930’s it would appear that the list works generally (with some exceptions) from the east to the west. Where the names did survive or locations are known through other research (e.g., ‘Along the Beach at Bungalow Town ‘article) these have been included using the 1935 street names – if they appear on the 1935 property list the numbers are also included. Un-named bungalows appear as ‘bungalow’ and ‘bungalow buildings’ may perhaps be brick built as opposed to all wood construction. The census was carried out in March of 1901 out of the holiday season which is why very few residents are shown. The few residents’ names that are mentioned have been included:-


Chemical Works,

Ballast Works,

Redout (probably the Redoubt or fort),

Cholera Hospital,

The Ferry



Coast Guard Station,

Eastville (1935 property numbers 313/314 – beach side of Old Fort Road twelve properties to the east of the junction with Shingle Road),


Breakers (was this a bungalow with that name or actual breakers?),




The Anchorage, (1935 property number 49 – south side of Beach Road, approx. Four properties east of the junction with Weald Dyke)


Beach Haven

Tit Willow (south side of Beach Road, three properties west of The Anchorage)


St. Vincent (1935 property number 43 – south side of Beach Road next or close to Tit Willow)


Regina (1935 property number 190 – Lower Beach Road four properties west of Beach Green. Here lived George Waters, a rate collector and his family)




Canacao (south side of Beach Road west of St. Vincent)

Three Gables (south side of Beach Road just east of Beach Green).



Triton Lodge


Sans Souci

Dorothy (north side of Beach Road, one property to the east of Beach Green)



Pebble Ridge (1935 property number 105 – north of Beach Road immediately west of and adjacent to Beach Green)

Wavelet (1935 property number 196 – Lower Beach Road, two properties west of Pebble Ridge)

Beach Lodge (1935 property number 106 – north of Beach Road on the west side of Pebble Ridge)

St. Hilda (1935 property number 107 – north of Beach Road on the west side of Beach Lodge)

Villa Lido (1935 property number 23 – south side of Beach Road, four properties west of Beach Green)


Bungalow Building

Shoreham Dene (1935 property number 17 – south side of Beach Road)

Etheldene (1935 property number 16 – south side of Beach Road)

Oceana (1935 property number 15 – south side of Beach Road)


Strawberry Lodge

The Era (here lived Samuel Gray ‘living on own means’ and his wife Emily)



The Retreat (1935 property number 121 – north side of Beach Road mid-way between Beach Green and the Church of the Good Shepherd)


Shingle Lodge (1935 property number 9 – south side of Beach Road)

Allendale (1935 property number 7 – south side of Beach Road)

Belle Vue (or Belle View) (1935 property number 124 – north side of Beach Road)





The View (1935 property number 150 – near the west end of Lower Beach Road)

Sunnydene ( 1935 property number 149 – as above)

Montrose (entered out of order – in the 1910/20’s a bungalow of this name stood east of Ferry Road)




Bungalow Building

Sea View (1935 property number 1 – south side of Beach Road adjacent to the church)

Deck House

Beach Ville (1935 property number 551 – south side of Beach Road, two properties west of Sea View)

Lazyland (1935 property number 553 – south side of Beach Road)

Rhodesia (here lived Agnes E. Rhodes – this castle-like ‘bungalow’ burnt down in 1923 and was replaced with ‘Castledene’)

The Lawn

Arcadia (1935 property number 558 – south side of Beach Road)

Woodcot (entered out of order, this was 1935 property number 42 next door to St. Vincent previously mentioned)

Beachcroft (1935 property number 565 – south side of Beach Road)





Idle Hour

Bungalow Building

Kingscote (1935 property number 584 – south side of Beach Road opposite Widewater)

Sano (1935 property number 585 – as above)

Bungalow Building

Moorings (1935 property number 588 – as above)


Day Dream (1935 property number 590 – as above)

San Reno (1935 property number 592 – as above)




Bungalow Building

Bungalow Building

Bungalow Building

Bungalows on Lancing Beach 1912/1914.

For a brief period when part of the western end of Bungalow Town came under Lancing the street directory for that town included the bungalow names concerned. This was only carried out for the years 1912 to 1914 and these are listed below. There are many more bungalows listed in the 1912/13 period than in 1914 which is thought to reflect the considerable destruction of property caused by storms at the time that particularly affected that part of the beach.


From Lancing to Shoreham:-




Bella Vista


Hearts Delight

Shingle Rise

Bon Accord




Beach House

Summer House



Dar Es Salaam

Sea Breeze


White Heather

Will o’ the Wisp

Spash Point


Wild Wave


From Lancing to Shoreham:- Vigo

Lancing Point


Bella Vista

Hearts Delight



Roger Bateman
Original Research May 2003 – updated to include 1901 Census. February 2011 

Bungalow Town Directory 1914 (Directories for 1917 onwards are included with the directories for Shoreham)

Extract from The Worthing and District Local Directory 1914-15



Shopsdam, ·West End of Widewater

Postal District, Lancing; nearest Post &. Telegraph Office is Lancing

From Lancing to Shoreham

(Vigo) Chandler, Wm. bungalow agent

(Lancing Point) Croshaw, G. S.

(Valhalla) Woolsey, G. E.

(Bella Vista) Briggs, William

(Hearts Delight) Mayne, Mrs.

(Sanducha) Heathcote, A. E.

(Andover) Haines, Miss


Shoreham Postal District.

From Lancing Beach to Beach road and Kings drive

(Happy Land) Phillips, Mrs.

(Beach Bank) Solly, .J. R.

(Happy Thought) Bridson, Rev. P.

(Silver Strand) Davis, Mrs. E.

(Gipsyland) West, Mrs. T.

(Tokio) Pamment, G. W.

(Kioto) Elms, Mrs. M.

(Ocean Wave) Verrinder, S. H.

(Belvedere) Enever, Mrs.

(San Remo) Batley, Mrs. E. M.

(Waiwera) Bate, A.

(Day Dream) Lawrance, D. W.

(The Haven) Randolph, Col.

(The Moorings) Jenkins, Mrs. H.

(The Shanty) Neville, MrsM. E.

(Gelasma) Howard, Mrs.

(Sano) Raynham, Mrs.

(Kingscote) Bourdin, H.

(Bohemia) Reed, C. T.

(Sur-La-Mer) Modin, Mrs. G.

(Inglenook) White, Mrs. M.

(Brynhir) Harrison, Mrs.

(Silver Spray) Davis, Mrs. E.

(Shamrock) Hill,,V. G.

(The Nuggett) Gold, Miss

(Fassifern) West, Mrs. T.

(Sea Haven) Myers, S.

(Isora) Harrison, Brook

(Sea Shell) Woolf, D.

(La Morna) Bright, H. W.

(Beach Croft) Havenden, A.

(The Folly) Heslop, Miss S. H.

(Tean) Godfrey, B. W.

(Kittiwake) Godfrey, B. W.


(Beach Haven) King, Mrs.

(Arcadia) Rigby, John

(Struanlea) Robertson, Miss

(Rhodesia) Gillett, Rev. C. T.

(Gull’s Nest) Pointer, Mrs.

(Lazyland) Cleaver, H. C.

(Rock Point) Pyne, A. R.

(Beach ville) Cox, Mrs.

(Lockerbie) Trife, :Miss


From Beach road to Brighton road and Bungalow Town Halt

(St. Clair) Peckover, G.


Kings Drive to Ferry road and Old Fort road

(Sea View) Havinden, A.

(La Maisonette) Edmonds, Miss A.

(Ivydene) Burstow, Mrs. E. J.

(Allandale) Locock, Mrs.

(Shingle Lodge) Berry, J. M.

(Sea Spray) Ashton; Mrs.

(Coronation) Lee, T.

(Hirondelle) Cheesman, Miss

(Oceana) Gardner, Mrs. F.

(Etheldene) Sendall, F. E.

(Shoreham Dene) Marshall, C. D.

(Chandos) Marshall, T. A.

(Salud) Jeffreys, Mrs.

(La Vague) Hardwick, A. A. H.

(Mona) Leggatt, A. S.

(Villa Lido) Belfield, W.

(Seacot) Goring, H. 0.

(Favonta) Linton, Mrs.

(Waterville) Paine, Mrs.

(Harbour St. Mary) Nunn, Mrs. H.

(Sans Souci) Fogarty, W.

(Dorothy) Bennett, Mrs.

(Pebbleridge) Turquand, Miss S. E.

(Beach Lodge) Pitts, Miss L. C.

(St. Hilda) Lundi, Mrs.

(Minnehaha) Leggett, A. S.

(Seacroft) Foley, H. J.

(The Era) Budd, J. H.

(Sea Gull) Mellett, Miss

(Bury Lodge) Standen, F.

(Retreat) Moresby, Miss E. G.

(Athelney) Blackford, J. B.

(Belle View) Dupre-Clough, A.

(Seamount) Salmon, Mrs. J. E.

(Downsview) Ashton, –

(Buenos Ayres) Tindall, Mrs.

(Stonehaven} Pitts, Miss L. C.

(Triton Lodge} Gardner, J.

(Sunshine) Hardwick, A. A. H.

(Porth Genua) Davies, Miss

(Three Gables) Smith, Miss Loy

(Mimosa) Smith, Miss Loy

(Canacoa) Eliot, Miss M. T. E.

(The Cabin) Whitby, Miss

(Woodcot) Smith, Miss Loy

(St. Vincent) Smith, Miss Loy

(Tit  Willow) Vidal, E.

(Niobe) Austen, F.

(Maelvy) Monk, Mrs. J. S.

(The Anchorage) Grundy, Mrs. S. A.

(Seaholme} Dupont, Mrs. W. H.

(Anonyma) Molyneaux, Mrs.

(Montpelier) Bellamy, H. A.

(San Toy} Porter, R.

(The Breakers) Williams, Dr. G. C.

(Restona) Marsten, Miss

(St. Brelades) Chaplin, C. A.

(Greenways) Hayter, C.

(Sussex Lodge) Landen Mrs.

(The Pagoda) Kingston, Capt. L. A.


The Ferry to Beach road RIGHT SIDE

(Ferry House) Shoreham Beach and District Development Co. Ltd.

Iversons Limited Seaside Land Co. (Ltd.)

Bungalow Stores (Ltd.)

(Wallaby) Williams, W.

(Thorrington) Beddoe, Mrs.

(Sorrento) Hyams, Mr’l.

Pillar Letter Box LEFT SIDE

Board of Trade Rocket and Life Saving Apparatus

(Framnaes) Easter, Stephen

(The New Era) Neill, A


From Ferry road to Old Fort

(Palova) Loftus, Miss

(Nellstan) Burdwood, S. H.

(Rosemary) Rice, Rev. T.

(Blink Bonny) Gates, G. H.

(Montrose) Raynes, Rev. H. A.

(Samphire) Stammwitz, S. A.

(Iona) Marshall, Major H ..

(Cecil Lodge) Ledger, S.

(Barrymore) Marshall, Major H.

(Hop o’ Thumb) Evans, W. E.

(Arnside) Inskip, Mrs.

(Silverdale) Inskip, Mrs.

(Lyndory) Schmidt, Mrs.

(Fides) Olby, Mrs.

(Maryland) Townsend, Mrs.

(Telby-Four) Lang, L.

(Wendy) Inskip, Mrs.

(Surf House) Trengrouse, H.

(The Keep) Easter, Stephen

(Dars-es-Salaam) Easter, Stephen

(The Bungalow) Borton, Mrs.

(Eastville) Henwood. Mrs.

(Victoria) Denny, B. S. L.

(Corona) Price, Mrs. C. A. J.

(Moringside) Henley, Mrs.

(Ontario} Bennett, C.

(Boy Blue) Scotcher, W.

(Larkstone) Havers, Miss

(Seaweed) Tabrar, A.

(Maydew) Faulkner, Miss M. R.

(Eyrie) Grant, Miss

Pillar Letter Box

(Holmcote) .Mills, Watkin

(The Kraal) Francis, H. A.

(The Admiral) Fisher, E. E. Esq.

(The Wigwam) Ernst, Dr. L. E.

(Mersholme) Reeks, Mrs. M. E.

(Gratus) Anderton, Miss K.

(Vivian) Humrhrey, L.

(Pebblecote) Spaul, 0. S. A.

(The Warren) Lansdell, W. H.

(Kingsville) Steddy, H. C.

(Queens.ville) Morgan, Col. F. C.

(Cecilia) Loftus, Miss Cissie

(Picciola) Klimanek, M. L.

(Lullaby) Knight, :Miss

(Cranbourne Lodge) Ryley, Dr. J. B

(The Hut) Ruttering, Miss

(Pax) .Monro, W. E.

(Massater) Reid, Dr.

(Cornubia) Snell, Miss

(The Nest) Dempster, Dr.

(Sunnyland) Bullen, W. H. C.

(Rivermouth) Hollins, Rev. H. C.

(The Shelter) Courtney, G. F.

(Desiree) Heale, Miss

(Hygieia) Jopling-Rowe, :Mrs.

(La Boheme) Miers, Mr.s.

(Roxburgh) Kerr, Mrs. S. E.

(Fort House) Tracey, C. D.

(Wray) Hall, Mrs. J. E.

(Fort Haven) Monro, W. E.

(Sandy Hook) Fisher-White, J.

(La Tosca) Willatts, J.

(Aurora) Steddy, H. C.

(Beach House) Easter, Stephen


Kings Drive to Ferry Road

(Sunnydene) Burstow, Mrs. F.

(The View) Burstow, Mrs. E. J.

(Claremont) Neville, Mrs. A. M.

(College View) Brewster, Mrs.

(Mignon) Elphick, Mrs.

(The Chalet) Derriman, Mrs.

(Sunny Mount) Brewster, Mrs.

(Wavelet) Hardwick, A. A. R.

(Umtata) Sayers, H.

(Sunbeam) Hardwick, A. A. H.

(Northbrooks) Reeves, Miss

(Le Gnome) Carpentier, Mdlle.

(Riverside) Wilkins, Mrs. M. M.

(Riverbank) Monier-Williams, H.

(Norfolk Lodge) Yates, Miss

(Skylark) Baguley, C.