Poll Book 1774

Transcript of Owners and Occupiers Living in or Owning Freehold Property in Shoreham (and Kingston), Southwick, Lancing and Sompting as shown within Bramber Rape.

Compiled from The Poll for Knights of the Shire 1774

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New & Old Shoreham, Kingston

Freeholder & His Abode Freehold Location & Type Occupier
John Pelham, Shoreham Shoreham, house John Boyce
Nicholas Roberts, Shoreham Shoreham, barn himself
Sidirick Elgar, Shoreham Shoreham, barn Wm. Burnett
Thomas Poole, Shoreham Shoreham, house and land himself
Henry Roberts, Shoreham Shoreham, house and land Widow Roberts
Thomas Tasker, Lewes Shoreham, land Widow Pe’….?
John Shelley, Brighthelmstone New Shoreham, house James Beach
John Egden, Shoreham New Shoreham himself and Richard Bawkhurst
Step. Rickwood, Brighthelmstone New Shoreham, house and land Mrs. Chapman
Robert Johnson, Shoreham Steyning, land – Waller
James Stow, Shoreham Shoreham, house Roberts & Bennet
John Barton, Shoreham Shoreham, house J. Hogsflesh & J. Partington
Thomas Pelham, Shoreham Shoreham, house Benj. Afl..man(?) & J. Bartlett
James Legg, Shoreham Shoreham, house John Balcomb
John Snook, Shoreham Shoreham, house Richard Beard
John Buckall. Shoreham Shoreham, house W. Stevens & Wm.Osgood
William Coater, Shoreham Shoreham, house himself and W. Waterman
David Foster, Shoreham Shoreham, house himself
John Edwards, Shoreham Shoreham, house Nich. Durrant
Thomas Bennet, Shoreham Shoreham, house James Mickhouse
John Holden, Shoreham Shoreham, house himself
George Oliver, Kingston Durrington, house Abraham Burn
Colv. Bridger,Esq., Old Shoreham Old Shoreham, an estate himself
John Norton, Kingston by Sea Kingston by Sea, house and land himself
Wm. Haslegrave, New Shoreham New Shoreham, house Tho. Haslegrave
Wm. Foster, Shoreham Shoreham, house and land himself
Harry Innott, Shoreham Shoreham, land himself
Joseph Bartlett, Shoreham Shoreham, house and land Morley Lint
Wm. Marchant, New Shoreham New Shoreham,


Not stated
John Boyce, New Shoreham Shoreham, house himself
Richard Knight. Glynd (sic) Shoreham, house and vicarage (?) John Robertson
Richard Bucholl, Shoreham Horsham, house Not stated
James Browne, Rotherhith (sic), London New Shoreham, house John Curr
J.R. Hawkins, london New Shoreham, vicarage Breville Friend
Loftus Nun, Esq., Chichester New Shoreham, land Bravin Friend


Freeholder & His Abode Freehold Location & Type Occupier
W. Waring, Cl, Shoreham Southwick, rectory not shown
Richard Tidy, Brighthemlmstone Southwick, land Nathaniel Hall
Nathaniel Hall, Southwick Southwick, house and land himself
Richard Cook, Southwick Southwick, land himself
William Jay, Southwicke(sic) Southwick, land himself
John Smith, Southwick Southwick, house, mill and barn himself
Stephen Rice, Southwick Southwick, house and land himself
Richard Grestock, Southwick Southwick, house and land himself
Stephen Rice, Southwick Southwick, house and land himself
Richard Grestock, Southwick Southwick, house and land himself
John Rice, Southweek (sic) Southweek,, moi.(ety?) of house and mill James Morley
John Valance, Falmer Southwick, land Nathaniel Hall

Lancing & Sompting

Freeholder & His Abode Freehold Location & Type Occupier
C. Langford, Esq., Cuckfield Lancing, land John Foord
Edward Bishop, West Chiltington Lancing, land James Johnson
John Newman, Lancing Sompting, house and land Himself and Mr. Eastoe
Richard Jay, Lancing Sompting, land John Newman
Thomas Williamson, Stopham Lancing, house and land Edward Holland
Jam. Lloyd, Esq., Chichester Lancing, farm and land himself
Edward Staffard,(sic) Lancing Lancing, house and land J. Hollingdale & T. West
Edw. Sowton, Launcing (sic) Launcing, land himself
William Stubbs, Sompting Sompting, house and land himself
John Ford, Lancing Broadwater, house and land himself
Francis Winton, Sompting Sompting, house and land himself
William Burden, Worthing Launcing, house and land himself
William Stubbs, Sompting Sompting, house and land himself
John Brown, Steyning Launcing, land Himself and Tho. Griffin
William Swift, Launcing Launcing, house and land John Float
Charles Hersee, Burpham Launcing, house and land James Heather
John Mills, Launcing Launcing, house himself
Geo. Parker, Kingston Surrey Sompting. House and land John Tate


Transcript from Pigot’s 1832 Directory of Names by Trade of New & Old Shoreham, Kingston, Lancing, Sompting & Southwick

NB (Most) Entries without a town name are Shoreham

Added information shown in italics

Gentry & Clergy
Barker Edward, Esq., Sompting Vicarage Hall Nathaniel, jun. Esq., Southwick Place
Bridger Francis, Esq., Adur Lodge Hawkins Jno Roberts, Esq., Shoreham
Bridger Harry, Esq., Buckingham House Lloyd Sir Jas. Martin, Bart., Lancing
Childs Mrs., East Street Penfold Hugh, Esq., Cysbury
Davies Rev. Wm., Vicarage House Richardson Wm. Westbrook, Esq., Findon Place
Elam Thos. Esq., Erringham House Roberts Mr. Nicholas, High Street
Franklin Richard, Esq., Muntham (Findon?) Sandham Major, Rowdell
Goring Sir Chs. Foster, Bart., Highden (Highdown? Goring) White Rev. Stephen Morgan, near the church
Gorringe Wm., Esq., Kingston by Sea
Amos Harriett, (day) East Street Drury Rev. John, (boarding) St. John Street
Davis John, (day) Middle Street
Brown John, (commercial) Church Street Lucas Edward (commission & wharfinger) Southwick, and at 17 Black Lion Street, Brighton
Guillaume Thos., (to llloyds) New Road Partington Henry, (shipping & commercial) New Road
Fennell John, High Street Riseley Abraham, East Street
Ratcliff John, Ship Street Stapley Henry, (and miller) High Street
Adams Miles, High Street Whitefield Samuel, Ship Street
Penfold John, (and farrier), High Street
Boot & Shoe Makers
Aylward Edward, (& hatter), High Street King Thomas, High Street
Barnett Thomas, High Street Waterman Mathias, High Street
Beach James, East Street
Brick Makers
Balley James Britton, High Street Clayton John, Copperas Gap (Portslade)
Gates John, High Street Grinstead John, Middle Street
Glazebrook John, Middle Street Tapner William, High Street
Butler Henry, (& builder), New Road Puttick Richard, High Street
Mockett Henry and Thomas (and wheelwrights), High Street Thacker William, New Road
Puttick John, Church Street
Coal Merchants
Cheesman Davis, Albion Wharf, Southwick Lucas Edward, Southwick, and at 17 Black Lion Street, Brighton
Corn Merchants
Gorringe William Penfold, (& store) Kingston by Sea Lucas Edward, Southwick, and at 17 Black Lion Street, Brighton
Lidbetter George, (dealer), Southwick
Fire, etc., Office Agents
Guardian, Wm. Tate, New Road Protector, William, Thomas and Richard Bradley, High Street
Imperial, Robert Weir, Church Street Royal Exchange, Thomas Guillaume, New Road
Phoenix, Thomas Clayton, High Street
Grocers & Tea Dealers
Batcock Stephen (& draper), High Street Platts William, East Street
Bradley Wm. Thomas and Richard (& provision merchants), High Street Ratcliff John, Ship Street
Peskett George, High Street Turner & co. (and drspers), East Street
Inn & Posting House
Star (and commercial) William Deadman, High Street
Allen William Clark William B.
Austin William Gawer Thomas
Bartlett John Hide John
Brazier George Phillips George
Cheesman John Short Nathaniel
Plumbers, Painters and Glaziers
Allever Jane, East Street Ratcliff William, West Street
Butler Richard, New Road
Roman Cement Manufacturers
Clayton Thos. (& plaster of paris), High Street Parker George, New Road
Saddlers & Harness Makers
Comber Thomas, High Street Hinton James, East Street
Ship Builder
Balley James Britton, High Street
Pinhey William, Church Street Rogers John, High Street
Branton Thomas (and draper) near the church Butler Edward, High Street
Taverns & Public Houses
Blue Anchor, Jn. Maskell, Kingston by Sea Red Lion, Harry Cuddington, Old Shoreham
Crown & Anchor, Jane Cheesman, High St Royal George, James Fairs, High Street
Dolphin, Richard Merit Wood, High St Schooner, Nathaniel Hillman, High Street
Fountain, Henry Mockett, High St Victory, Demetrius Hobden, Southwick
King’s Head, James Chapman, High St White Lion, William Penton, West Street
Timber Merchants
Cheesman David (and stone and slate Albion Wharf) Southwick Tate William, New Road
Watch & Clock Makers
Paine James, High Street Slater William, High Street
Aldred Richard, wheelwright, High Street Lauder Jas. earthenware dlr etc., High St
Butler Robert & Geo. joiners, Church Street Mileham George, sawyer, High Street
Coalman Frans. market gardener, West St Rawlings Joseph, millwright etc., High St
Crumb William, postmaster, High Street Tilstone Joseph, ropemaker, West Street
Davis Alfred, druggist, High Street Town Thomas, hair dresser, High Street
Deadman James & John, bricklayers & stonemasons, New Road Trew George, brewer, High Street
Gates John, furniture broker, West Street Walker William, market gardener, West St
Jefferson Michael, ironmonger, High Street Wingfield John, boat builder, New Road
Custom House
Collector – Samuel Price Edwards Esq., Harbour Master – Robert Weir
Comptroller – Richard Gates Tide Surveyor – Thomas Harvey
Landing Surveyor – Richard Buck
To Brighton – Thomas Dumbrill and William Blaker
Conveyance by Water
To London – W.P. Gorringe’s trading vessels from Kingstone wharf every week to Griffin’s wharf. Tooley Street – and Matthew Broadhead’s and Thomas Tanner’s vessels once a fotnight