Meridian Airmaps 1980’s

Meridian Airmaps Ltd – Shoreham Aerial Photographs


Meridian Airmaps Ltd took aerial photos of much of the UK during its’ existence and copies of these are still available from various institutions in certain parts of the country that the images relate to. The business thrived and would have continued to do so but for the ill fated photographing exercise for one particular African country. Payment for this work was so late in being settled and created debts that made it impossible for the company to continue. Images relating to the Brighton area have been loaned to me for copying by a one time director of the company. They appear to date from around the early 1980’s and due to limited resources only some of the Shoreham images can be considered for copying.


The collection of mostly 3”x 2” transparencies and prints were already numbered but not indexed. We have endeavoured to identify each Shoreham image and offer the following index but it should be mentioned that this might not be totally accurate bearing in mind the exercise was carried out without the benefit of a viewer/magnifier. All are transparencies except where stated.


Roger Bateman & Paul Osborne


November 2009

Peggy McCulloch Collection

I have known Peggy for many years now and first made her aquaintance through my neighbours in Church Street. It was then I discovered Peggy’s interest in Shoreham’s history and learned of her lifelong association with Bungalow Town on Shoreham Beach where, apart from a break during the war, she had always lived. Listening to her stories it was evident that here was an opportunity to record a meaningful record of the town’s, her’s and her mother’s past and this culminated in the fascinating story of ‘Bungalow Town & The Beach Between the Wars’ on this website. Images from Peggy’s family album and postcard collection were far too numerous to include them all with the article but she has kindly allowed us to present them in the following gallery.

Roger Bateman

March 2010

Peggy McCulloch

Blind Fanny Winton

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:rogerbateman:Desktop:ZFanny Winton:89.446 copy.jpg

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:rogerbateman:Desktop:ZFanny Winton:IMG_20151120_0003fb.jpg


I’ve known about Old Shoreham’s blind Fanny Winton for many years but never got round to reading Martha Rigden’s account in her 1873 book ‘By A Way They Knew Not.’


In clearing some old papers recently I discovered this anonymous resume of the book that condenses Fanny’s story of a hard life, going blind, travelling to Brighton for (somewhat harsh) treatment, bedridden for 30 years etc., and also tells us a little of the area and the people in it.


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