Author Topic: URGENT; Permission to use photos from STOW&SONS page of SHOREHAM-BY-SEA website  (Read 1005 times)


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Hi all,

I am seeking permission to use some of the photos on this page - - in a non-commercial video I am making about the history of the yacht TALLY HO (ex BETTY), which was build by Stow & Sons in Shoreham in 1910.

If I can get permission, I could just use the images directly from the webpage, or if it's possible for someone to email me higher resolution files, or even copies of the individual pictures (ie. not part of a collage), that would be even better.

For a bit of background, I took ownership of the yacht TALLY HO in 2017 and have begun a full rebuild in north-western USA, where she had been left for many years. I am documenting the work in a series of short videos which can be viewed for free here , and eventually hope to sail the yacht back to the UK, which will certainly include a trip to Shoreham at some point.

If anyone can tell me who I need to get in contact with to seek permission to use these photos, I would be very grateful. I am hoping to release this video in the next day or two, so time is of the essence! Many thanks!

I can be reached at leogoolden ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com
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Hi Leo, I've been watching your progress of work on the Betty/Tally Ho with interest. I'll contact you separately as you suggested.