Author Topic: 1917 Bungalow Town Property Map and Index  (Read 1004 times)


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1917 Bungalow Town Property Map and Index
« on: September 19, 2017, 02:43:23 pm »
One of the items donated to us (and will ultimately be passed to West Sussex Records Office) is this very rare map of bungalows and their names as they were in 1917 when the growth of Bungalow Town was really getting under way. These wooden bungalows were often altered, extended, replaced and renamed so that for Bungalow Town enthusiasts this document is a valuable reference that will fill a gap in our knowledge of the area and help resolve hitherto confusing discrepancies.
P.S. Thanks to Spinalman the map and index can now be more easily read by clicking the image once, or be made even bigger with a second click!
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