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Brave Lady
« on: August 18, 2017, 05:42:16 AM »
    Fifi Griffiths , was French by birth. With the outbreak of WW2 , Fifi, who once
    lived on the Old Fort Road, enlisted in the FANY , the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
    She served at HMS Haslar, which was perhaps, the biggest Military Hospital in
    the World. Her skilled nursing services, esp as a French speaker, was much in
    demand, as more and more servicemen, needed hospital treatment. Posted to
    Malta, Fifi , was employed in the British Military Hospital Malta, this, was  during 
    the Siege of Malta, when the Axis Forces attempted to destroy the British Navy
    on the Island, which was pivotal to the success, of the Allies, in the Med, and
    North Africa. The failure of Axis, in the Med, to win complete control, was the
    beginning of the end of War . Fifi was posted back to Blighty, her husband
    was a Doctor Geoffrey Parker, a skilled Surgeon .was enlisted in the Special
    Operations Executive..Geoffrey was parachuted into France, and soon he met
    with senior Maquis Leader,  Commander Romain, and later operated on Maquis
    members and members of the SOE who had suffered gunshot wounds.A
    makeshift operating theatre , sometimes in a cave, or a farm cottage, served
    as a temporary measure, during dangerous times, in Axis Occupied France.
    Dr Geoffrey Parker, wrote about his experiences in A book, titled The Black
    Scalpel...I met Fifi, who was a customer of Royal Mail, when I had the Old Fort
    road, as part of my 'Walk'. Her French accent, endeared her to neighbours who
    knew Fifi, and her indomitable spirit in old age.A row of five medals, lay  in a
    sideboard drawer, was testimony to her wartime service as a member of FANY
    most female secret agents, used the cover of FANY training , when walking out
    in uniform. I wondered if our Fifi was indeed an agent...during dangerous times.
    Footnote, I was the postman for OFR during the 1990s...