Author Topic: The Great Hurricane of 16th October 1987  (Read 560 times)

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The Great Hurricane of 16th October 1987
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:42:43 pm »
Mr Fish, the BBC weather man dropped a clanger . He failed to warn viewers of a Pending Hurricane.  Shoreham Folk went to bed as usual on the 15th of October 1987, but during the  night a wind seldom
 experienced blew up to speeds of 100 with gusts up to 120 MPH... I was due at work at 5am and awoke at 4 am to hear the sound of the wind outside of our house, I heard our fence break down , but had to leave it , Sigmund Hobden workmate called round to get a lift to work , and Mrs Christian the Office cleaner came too. On the drive to work from Kingston Lane to Western Road , roof tiles could be seen in the headlights of the car. The Car was buffeted by the wind . eventually after a frightening drive we arrived , Getting the car doors open was difficult against the wind. Standing up we had to link arms to remain upright , and when turning into Brunswick road an explosion occurred as a roof tile went through a shop window, and the flying glass went flying down the road, In the Post Office there was a power cut , and storm lanterns were lit. However the Mail did not arrive from the Brighton sorting Office.  Mr Fermer the manager told us to remain  until at 11 am the Wind abated.
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Re: The Great Hurricane of 17th October 1987
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 09:53:07 pm »
We were touring in the 'States driving between Eureka and heading for Las Vegas with the Wife and American friends,they were talking about the weather hazards they had in Arkansas,Tornadoes,IceStorms and the occasional Hurricane. I was boasting about our benign climate in Sussex.
The following morning on waking we decided to phone home.....the quaking voice of my Mother in Law announced that they had been hit by a Hurricane which I could not believe until the TV later gave a brief report and we saw lots of wreckage and a ship aground.
A week later when in the Taxi from Gatwick the devastation was apparent and many trees were down.
At home we did not fare too badly about 30% of the greenhouse glass had gone, about six tiles missing from the roof but amazingly our wobbly garden fence was still upright and wobbling although brick walls had been blown down in Shoreham.
I was suprised at the lack of a warning from the Met. Office as a classic 'Dumbell Depression' had been forming ( D D's not listed by Google !) and they tend to merge and deepen.


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Re: The Great Hurricane of 17th October 1987
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2019, 08:35:29 am »
We were in Hove at the time. The storm brought down one of our chimneys that fractured the roof joist but luckily just about held as my son was in bed beneath it.