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Gammans Cycle Shop 1953
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:28:31 pm »
 The premier cycle sales, and repairs shop, in Gordon road , had a shop window
that displayed the latest in pedal cycle technology.It catered for young and old
and the staff, were au fait, with all aspects, of the bicycle.  I often lingered  gawping
into the shop with other boys, admiring the new racers, or a sturdy roadster. Three
wheelers for toddlers, were high on the top rack. Many a Christmas wish, was made
.In 1953, a popular hobby, was making your own dirt track bike, the forerunner
of BMX cycles. Mr Gammans had a range of saddles, handlebars, and a host of
spares, needed by the self builder. Along with the kind sales technique, came a
genuine interest in the needs of the customer.In addition to the cycles , a comprehensive range of Model aircraft, mainly balsa models, by Keil Kraft , who sold a range of kits, commensurate, with the latest military aircraft.When plastic kits, became available, a range of paints and brushes, were supplied to a buyer.
 Over several years in the 1950s, I purchased my first Raleigh Bike, and numerous
model kits, by Keil Kraft...which i flew from Mill Hill often losing a model, into the Adur, which swept it away..Mr Gammans, and his son Anthony ran, a great business.