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More Tales from the Postcards
« on: August 02, 2017, 12:56:00 PM »
Prompted by reading the 'Tales from the Postcards' article here on the SBS website, I thought that I would have a look through the backs of the postcards in my own collection to see what interesting messages appeared.
I have included below a selection from some of the more interesting or amusing Shoreham-related messages found.

Postcard of The Lanes, Shoreham (top of Buckingham Road).
Posted at Shoreham, 31st May 1907.
The message starts "Dear Mrs B, just a line trusting you are all well.  As you will see I am at Shoreham.  Came here yesterday, don't think much of the place.".
ps - I've had this card for years - the message still makes me laugh!

Postcard titled 'The River from Mill Hill'.
Posted at Shoreham, 7th August 1957.
The message starts "Shoreham doesn't look as much like a derelict coal mine as this (photograph) suggests.".

Postcard of Bungalow Town Church (with adjacent bungalows).
Posted at Shoreham, 31st July 1913.
The message begins "This will give you an idea of Shoreham - It's a funny looking place."
 ps - The sender was a holidaymaker staying at Dungeness bungalow.
pps - On the corner of Kingston Bay Road and Old Fort Road, was later re-named as Wentworth.

Postcard titled 'Dolphin Bridge'.
Posted at Shoreham, 19th July 1921.
The message includes "This is the new Shoreham bridge, I thought you would like it.  I am going to see the Duke of Connaught on Tuesday, he is coming to Shoreham to open the Soldiers Club.".

Postcard titled 'Shoreham from the Ferry'.
There is a message written on the back which reads "A very ugly footbridge now disfigures the River Adur between the Dolphin Hard and the Beach.  A.H.N. 1925.".
ps - Could this be Mr Grumpy?

Postcard of Old Shoreham (Upper Shoreham Road looking west).
There is a message pencilled on the back which reads:- "From Buckingham to Old Shoreham Sx. 
As now spoilt by the Jerry Builder.  Motor garage and worst - a motor road to the Old Bridge and Red Lion Inn.
The road runs through what was a rural meadow with fine elm trees.
A.H.Norward, October 1931.".
 ps - Yes, I'm afraid it's Mr Grumpy again.
pps - He is probably referring to the 'bypass' road that was built in front of the (now) Amsterdam pub.

Postcard of the Toll Bridge, Shoreham by Sea.
Posted at Shoreham, 24th August 1959.
The message includes "We've had excitement with boys and catapults, houseback chases.  We caught two of them.  Today, masses of police at the corner house, we don't know why yet.".
ps - What?  In Shoreham?  No, I don't believe it!

Postcard titled 'Building New Sea Wall Lancing to Shoreham 7th March 1908'.
Postmark is indistinct.
The message includes the line "Mr Penn caught two boys in our garden knocking down our apples.".
ps - I always thought that scrumped apples tasted best!

Postard titled 'Having a High Time at Shoreham'.
No postmark, it was probably posted in an envelope.
The message starts "Well Elise, I am not in the hands of a policeman at Shoreham the same as Auntie is.".
ps - Frustratingly, there are no further details in the rest of the message.  Shame!

Postcard 'On the River Adur' (sailing dinghy on the river).
Posted at Shoreham, 30th August 1914.
The message includes the line "The Norfolk Bridge is guarded by armed police.".

Postcard of Shoreham Court (when a vicarage).
Unposted, but addressed to Miss FL Comber, 32 New Road, Shoreham by Sea.
The message reads "I shall never forget what you said, anyhow I shall live some years yet.".
ps - The big question is - was this card delivered by hand?

Postcard showing the ruins of the Sussex Pad Inn.
Posted at Worthing, 2nd November 1905.
The message includes "This is the Pad, it caught fire through a beam in the chimney and it was burning for 4 days.".
ps - The original Sussex Pad Inn was destroyed by fire on 26th October 1905.

Postcard - Launch of Cretestyle Barge.
Posted at Southwick, 1st March 1919.
The message includes "Jim is helping to build this boat.".

Postcard titled 'Oscar Morison and his Aeroplane on Hove Lawns'.
The original owner of the card has written on the back:-
"First aeroplane to start from Brighton.
 Bleriot monoplane.
 Saw it with Father, March 7th 1911.  V.G.P.".
ps - On 7th March 1911, Oscar Morison became the first visiting pilot ever to land at Shoreham aerodrome, having made the flight from Hove Lawns.

Postcard titled 'Mr Morison's Bleriot at Lancing College, March 11th 1911' (with spectators).
No postmark, but there is a message on the back of the card which reads:-
"This is the PC that I have been trying to get you for a long while.  Can you see me?".

Postcard of Mr Morison (and Bleriot) at Shoreham.
Posted at Shoreham, 16th March 1911.
The message includes "Look out for the aeroplane, we are having lovely views of it.  Flew right over the house today, it is quite exciting.".

Postcard showing Mr England, Mr Morison and Mr Gilmour at Shoreham.
Posted at Shoreham, 3rd June 1911.
The message includes "Take great care of this photo as I should like to have it again, it is rather nice, isn't it?".
 ps - The photo was probably taken immediately prior to the air race to Black Rock, May 13th 1911.
pps - I am intrigued that the sender wanted his postcard back.  I know that these things are rare nowadays, but surely they were         more freely available at the time.

Postcard of 'Mr Morison and Bristol Biplane' (at Shoreham).
Posted at Worthing, 4th July 1911.
Message reads "Been over to Shoreham to watch the aero race.  J.S.K.".
  ps - Nowadays when aviation is taken for granted it is hard to imagine the excitement that it caused in 1911.  There are many  references to the local flying scene in all sorts of postcards sent from Shoreham during the years 1911 to 1914.
 pps - Note the date on the postmark.  Did the sender witness Mr Barber's flight, or was he there on a previous day ?
ppps - The air race mentioned on the card was probably the Circuit of Europe which staged at Shoreham on Monday 3rd July and again on Wednesday 5th July.

Postcard of Horatio Barber and Valkyrie at Shoreham.
Posted at Lancing 31st August 1911.
The message reads "I am very sorry but I am afraid I shall not be able to get over next Sunday.  I am in bed with a very bad headache.  I went to Shoreham Regatta yesterday and guess it was too much excitement for me.".

Postcard titled 'Pashley Brothers on their Farman Biplane'
Posted at Shoreham, 27th July 1914.
The message reads "Sat 8pm.  Just finished a grand joy ride in this biplane.  Have a good time, see you as usual.  G.M.K.".
ps - Am I jealous ?  You bet I am!


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Re: More Tales from the Postcards
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Wonderful collection of postcard comments - thanks Lofty.
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