Author Topic: Rolls Royce Armoured Cars at Shoreham?  (Read 1578 times)


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Rolls Royce Armoured Cars at Shoreham?
« on: June 26, 2017, 07:20:25 pm »
If this was taken at Shoreham it may be a rather exciting photo showing a number of Rolls Royce armoured cars. The turrets, disc wheels, and shaped front mudguards (and the two bonnet hinges as opposed to three on the earlier wartime models also seems to be another clue) identifies these vehicles as 1920 Pattern design and manufacture.
The last soldier to leave Shoreham’s Military Camp did so in July 1919 so any subsequent military use of the area may have been by the Yeomanry. Eight armoured car companies were created from Yeomanry regiments in a post-1918 reorganization by which by time the Yeomanry had returned to its part-time soldier role. These regiments normally had just two armoured cars on the strength but were combined to make up numbers for their annual camps. They were not all Rolls-Royce vehicles but there are enough RR’s in this photo to suggest an annual camp like those previously held in the area before the war. The view of the trees on the rising ground beyond is also not unlike those around Buckingham Park however, lack of evidence of the camp huts or, if they had been removed by then, their foundations, perhaps makes the venue questionable?
The nearest vehicle has a registration number with what appears to be an ‘H’ followed by a ‘2’ then three other digits. The National Tank Museum at Bovington has a Rolls Royce armoured car in their collection that once had the registration H3830 – however that saw service in Ireland, Shanghai and Egypt, not the UK.
(Apologies for the miniscule resolution of this photo and the overly large watermark but it is part of a private collection of Shoreham that we don’t yet have permission to show in full size. The collection includes two other images next to the armoured cars photo that also suggest an annual camp)
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Re: Rolls Royce Armoured Cars at Shoreham?
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2017, 10:20:16 pm »
 Digby Griggs, one time Shoreham resident, aged 85 when I knew him, told me that he was once a telegram boy
in Shoreham ,He worked from the High Street Post Office,,he was 14 years old at the time. this was just after
the First World War...No cycles were available, and walks to the College at Lancing, was a regular Visit. Later Digby
joined the Royal Engineers, and was trained on the RR Armoured car.. He was posted to the North West Frontier in the Khyber Pass. The Armoured cars , had Gutta Percha tyres, and punctured very quickly.(Gutta Percha) is an early rubber.
 Digby held the record, for most punctures in one day..22.... I met Digby a keen gardener and member of the Royal
British Legion in Shoreham, Some may remember his son Richard  Griggs.who lived in Middle Road, and was once the manager of of the Community Centre..He predeceased his father Digby..