Swiss Gardens in 1858


Swiss Gardens in 1858

Shoreham’s Swiss Gardens as described in its heyday including the delightful sketches made at the time supplemented by further images from the collections of the web site. The anonymous author of this article writes in typical Victorian journalese that is seemingly influenced by Charles Dickens’ comic descriptions of people and their names. He (the author) pokes fun at the people visiting the gardens (e.g., the British Sweetheart and his Adored One), the buildings and exhibits (the observatory looking like a “Brobdignagian wheat sheaf or stack of scaffold poles”; a museum of mixed early English with railway station architecture containing an uninspiring shark’s backbone and walrus tusk) but seems honestly impressed with other aspects such as the hot water laid on from spouts set into a wall, the slide shows, the commodious theatre and impressive gardens.


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Bachelors Hall


The Rise and Fall of Bachelors’ Hall


Discovered amongst the pages of the Winton Collection of photo albums and scrapbooks this little known booklet was published in 1891 to celebrate the six short years of a long forgotten society of Shoreham bachelors dedicated to the noble state of remaining single. Nowadays such a publication would probably be condemned as sexist and perhaps even silly. Nevertheless, it records an organisation created in 1885 by a group of Shoreham’s young men whose names are still familiar to those interested in the town’s history .


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AH1 Ashcroft House Ted Heasman

Ashcroft was situated in the region then known as Kingston Buci, now Kingston by Sea. The Manor House was acquired by William Gorringe in the early 19th century and ‘Ashcroft’ was built in the grounds of the Manor House as a home for one of the younger sons.

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