Ships Built or Registered in Shoreham


Ships Built or Registered in Shoreham

from the 13th century to the early 1900’s.

(excluding yachts which are listed in the separate article ‘Stow & Sons Yachts 1866 – 1936 and Courtney & Birkett.’)


This index is consistently the most frequently referred to record on the History Portal web site. This, and the printed library version, is the third update since the first publication in 2010 and now includes information on over 600 vessels. Ranging from mediaeval times to the 20th century, fishing smacks to 48-gun men of war and merchant ships that travelled the world known to have been built in Shoreham, Kingston and Southwick. Even during the 18th century Shoreham ships sailed as far as India, Australia, the Americas and the West Indies. War ships were still being built for the Royal Navy and one Shoreham built man of war (HMS Scorpion) had a particularly eventful career capturing five French ships in 1795 before subsequently joining Shoreham’s merchant fleet only to be captured itself yet still managed to return to British merchant trading shortly after.

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