George Hedgecock – Shoreham Shoemaker

George Hedgecock was Shoreham’s well known bootmaker in East Street during the first half of the twentieth century and one of the town’s first cycling enthusiasts in the 1880’s. This collection of family photos is kindly donated by Jan Townsend, the granddaughter of George Hedgecock. Jan has also allowed us to include the story of George’s 1912 motorcycle marathon which can be seen at  

Jan Townsend

Michael Norman Collection

An opportunity to wander around the Shoreham of forty years ago and see those old buildings that are now lost to us forever. member Ian Newman has kindly donated the following images he has acquired from part of the collection that were largely photographed and put together by the late Shoreham historian Michael Norman. The majority of these were taken during the 1950’s and 70’s at a time when many of the town’s more important and historical buildings were still standing – the larger properties of St.Wilfrid’s, Longcroft and Athol House in particular but also a good many of our smaller street houses and cottages that have since disappeared.


Towards the end of the gallery a few of the older, more unusual images of special interest from the collection have also been included.

High Street

This is a snapshot of the High Street in 2009. The photographs are ordered West to East, and starts at the junction of Victoria Road.  All properties are numbered.  Many thanks to Old Bean for archiving his photographs  to enable us to republish them now.

High Street  – North Side:

High Street – South Side: